Types Of Packaging Boxes: A Detailed Guide About Packaging Boxes

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There is a box for every package, no matter what type it is. Box selection, however, is another matter.

All quality custom boxes have certain elements that contribute to your customer’s brand experience. Custom packaging boxes and printed boxes made from various materials to match your industry and product can be found on This guide is all about packaging boxes with their basic types in detail.

Types of Packaging Boxes

1.    Boxes with roll-end tuck tops

Despite its rather complicated name, this type of box works extremely simply. Boxes can be built without gluing or even tape, and they will hold well simply by tucking the ends into the front. It is common to ship baked goods in these boxes, and the design possibilities are endless. Boxes can be transparent at the top to showcase food inside, making them a popular choice for tasty treats. Custom packaging boxes meet industry and product-specific needs.

2.   The folding carton box

The folding carton box used to be the most common packaging material for expensive items. The folding carton box has become one of the most popular types of packaging available today, and it’s easy to see why.

This paperboard box is commonly used for product packaging in stores and is known as a custom product box. A tuck flap is usually present on both ends of these carton boxes. Whether you’re shipping clothes, candles, or other lightweight items, folding carton boxes are an excellent way to ensure that your package reaches its destination safely and securely. 

3.   The corrugated box

It is often the case that rigid boxes are used for shipping heavy items, but corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping items that would not fit into rigid boxes. Stacking rigid boxes keeps their structural integrity intact because they are made of corrugated material. The features of these types of boxes make them ideal for moving. 

ThePackagingPro specializes in fully customized packaging boxes and printed box products from various materials to match your products and industries.

4.   The rigid box

You can pack your products in rigid boxes if you need them to be stronger and more durable. Unlike traditional boxes, these cannot collapse because they are made from stronger materials. To add more design freedom and “brand-ability” to rigid-style boxes, they may be individually wrapped with something to soften them and make them more appealing to consumers. 


According to a survey report, packaging boxes contribute significantly to the world’s economic growth. There might be a question in your mind as to why these unworthy boxes are such a big part of the economy. Custom printed boxes and custom packaging solutions are provided by the Custom printed boxes to meet industry and product-specific needs.

Packaging boxes are crucial for all packaging, whether for food or cosmetics. Online sellers often get confused when choosing the right packaging solution due to the variety of boxes available in the market. 

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