Top 7 Trending Cake Designs To Surprise Your Guy

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You always wanna make your better half smile, especially when it’s a special occasion. Gifts are a given part of those days when you want to make him feel extra special, but to add the needed sweetness to your relationship, you should order cake online Mumbai way in advance. Cakes are usually centrepieces of all social celebrations, but when it comes to personal affairs, we often shy away from getting a scrumptious cake for many reasons. However, the kind of esthetic a cake is capable of adding to your festivity that cannot be done with any other edible. 

So, now that you know what kind of vibes a cake can add to his day, now the question is which cake you should go for! Well, that is where we come into the picture; here is a detailed list of the top 7 amazing cake ideas that can make your dear sweetheart’s special day extra special. So, get into the groove with us and read on! 

Air Jorden Shoe Cake

There are guys who wear shoes, and then there are guys who love to wear shoes, and if your guy is one of them, then it is not possible that you haven’t heard of these shoes; hence, an Air Jordan Shoe Cake is just perfect for his birthday or any other day, to be honest. You can order birthday cake online in the shape of this popular shoe from any online bakery, and the special cake will be delivered right to the venue without any hassle on your part. Though, we must warn you in advance that he might not wish to cut the cake cause guys love sneakers a little too much. 

Beer Themed Cake

Beer is the most loved alcoholic beverage around the globe, so if the love of your life is into it, then you must get this cake for him. The cake can be made in two ways: one, you can get a cake in the shape of a beer bottle, or you can get a cake with a real beer bottle inside supported by cake toppers! To get into the celebration mood with a cake that screams jollity. 

Uniform Cake

If you are dating or are married to a guy in uniform, then we know that you are exceedingly proud of him. He deserves to be appreciated for the wonderful work he does; hence a special uniform cake is just right for him. Get it personalised according to the department he works for and his own name tag; trust us, he will love it. 

Sports Cake

This may be stereotyping, but most men love cars, especially sports cars. Therefore, getting a cake with a great edible car on top is the best thing you can do for him. Write his name in bold letters on the side of the car to make it more interesting and better looking for him. 

Gym Equipment Fondant Cake

Gym enthusiasts are the best kind of people. They not only take care of their own self but if you are with them, they make you take a hard look at your own habits too. To thank him for the positive impact he had on your lifestyle, get a cake that shows his passion in the best way. With lots of gym equipment on top, try to get a sugar-free cake to suit his ways.

The Chef Cake

Women love a man who knows his way around the kitchen, so if you are dating someone who loves cooking or, better, a professional chef, then you should consider yourself among the lucky few. Show your love with a special chef hat cake for him while subtly hinting that he would have to cook for you again! You can also consider getting a cake in the shape of food he makes, like pizza, we know it’s quite bizarre, but that is what makes it better.

Super Hero Cake

Superheroes are loved by everyone, so you can never go wrong with a superhero cake! If he has a favourite hero, then you should just go for that cake, and he will love it. However, if he is not a superhero geek, then go with the ever loved superman cake to tell him how awesome you think he is; after all, he is your own superman! 

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Which cake is best for boyfriend birthday?

Choosing the perfect cake for your boyfriend’s birthday can be difficult. You want to find a cake that will make him feel special and reflect his tastes and personality. There are a variety of cakes to choose from, each with unique flavors and designs. However, chocolate cake is one of the most popular cakes for a boyfriend’s birthday. Chocolate cakes are rich and indulgent, and they never fail to impress. They can be decorated with anything from a simple design to a custom decoration.

Another popular option for a boyfriend’s birthday cake is a red velvet cake. Red velvet cakes are unique, and their vibrant red color adds a touch of elegance to any celebration. They have a soft, moist texture and a subtle chocolate flavor that pairs well with cream cheese frosting. You can customize a red velvet cake by adding a personal message or decoration to your boyfriend.

Lastly, a fruitcake can be great for a boyfriend’s birthday. Fruitcakes are perfect for those who prefer a lighter, healthier option. They are typically made with fresh fruit and a light sponge cake. They can be decorated with fresh fruit and whipped cream for a refreshing and delicious treat. Choosing the right cake for your boyfriend’s birthday depends on his tastes and preferences. Whichever cake you choose, remember that the effort and thought you put into it will be appreciated and make his birthday even more special.

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