Top 5 Benefits of an LG 8 KG Washing Machine

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Purchasing the right kind of washing machine as per the size of your family and their requirements is very important. If you buy a small size washing machine and overload it, you might risk the optimal working mechanism of that particular washing machine.

Instead, you can go for a large variant that could easily accommodate your family’s needs. You can go for the best-selling variant of the LG 8 KG washing machine which is very popular in the market. You can also get your favorite washing machines Bajaj EMI card.

To help you gain further insight, we have listed out some of the top 5 benefits of an LG 8 KG washing machine. Read to know more!

Energy efficiency: 

One of the benefits of buying an LG 8 KG washing machine is the sparkling five-star rating. The 8 KG washing machines by LG are energy-efficient. You will be surprised to know that a five-star rated front loading washing machines from LG consumes only 0.09 or less energy per KG per wash cycle.

Because these appliances require regular use, a higher star rating allows you to save some extra bucks from your monthly budget! In addition, the LG 8 KG washing machines will conserve water. Also, you can save more by purchasing this washing machine Bajaj EMI card. 

Strong Warranty: 

The warranty duration of a product signifies the brand’s trust in its launches. The LG 8 KG washing machines comes with warranty of two years! It means you do not have to rush to your local mechanic again and again because of manufacturing defects. LG will take care of them. Moreover, LG gives you a warranty of ten years on the inverter motor. 

Additional features: 

The LG 8 KG washing machine has several advanced features. It comes with Smart Inverter Technology, a turbo drum, Smart Diagnosis, and a digital display panel. The Smart Diagnosis feature will help you save time by identifying the issue with your washing machines.

You can quickly open the LG app or dial their service center to receive a quick response! Another great feature of this washing machine is that it knows you might be in a rush some days.

Therefore, it comes with a Quick Wash program! The Quick Wash Program allows you to wash light clothes weighing up to 2 KG! In addition, the Turbodrum and the Smart Motion technology automatically enhance the washing of clothes to provide you with a better experience. 

A new friend to your clothes: 

The LG five-star washing machine is gentle with your favorite outfits. We know that it hurts seeing your lovely dresses getting spoiled due to detergent marks. Hence, the LG 8 KG washing machine has a cleaning feature that gives you 99.9% detergent-free clothes.

Moreover, it has separate wash programs to save your woollens and lingerie from destruction. Are you worried about those stubborn jeans?

Do not worry because this washing machine has a solution for them too! Furthermore, if you are a neatness freak, this washing machines are made for you because it comes with the Tub clean feature for automatic cleaning of the tub to prevent any smell! 

Quiet work: 

Everyone gets irked by the constant noise and vibration while using a washing machine. LG understands you. Hence, the LG 8 KG washing machine has a less noisy function! It creates less noise and vibration to give you a pleasant experience.

However, the LG washing machines give you more durability! One of the most attractive traits of this LG washing machines 8 KG is the quiet and enhanced operation. You do not have to worry about the noise anymore.

The sturdy build ensures that only your clothes move inside the washing machines and not itself! Moreover, the washing machines Bajaj EMI card give you money savings! By opting to make your purchase from the Bajaj Finserv Markets, you can purchase the top-selling LG washing machine at no cost EMI and zero down payment option.

At the Bajaj EMI Store, you can find the best-in-class electronics, furniture, and home appliance. You can also get the washing machines Bajaj EMI card for more amazing benefits. Visit the Bajaj EMI Store today!

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