TikTok for Real Estate Agents: The Lead Generation Tool of Tomorrow

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TikTok for Real Estate Agents: The Lead Generation Tool of Tomorrow

A rising housing market is an opportunity for realtors as well. TikTok to help real estate professionals can be used to change the direction of that endless(Click here) competition for leads to your advantage.
Remember the glorious days of open houses where promises of food for free and a walking tour of a home in the neighbourhood could bring the entire community together and draw all prospective homeowners to the homes you were offering for sale.

In the present, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual tours of homes are on the rise and in the realm of advertising on social networks for property, platforms such as Facebook or Twitter are frequently the first place you go when trying to attract new leads. In an earlier Zillow poll, most of the people said they’d like to buy a home they’ve never visited in person but only online.

Due to the increasing need for an online presence,

Real estate agents have to be more creative with their marketing strategies than before to get leads from their local area.

Knowing how TikTok operates and how to use it efficiently shows your customers that you’re a step ahead of your competitors. With TikTok, you’ll have the ability to provide your customers with helpful information without spending hours creating the content.

The true power of TikTok lies in its simplicity. With just a few clicks and your knowledge, it is possible to create lead-generating content that proves your authority in the field. It makes you the most trusted realtor in your you’ll make it simple for you to build an expanding and connected customer base with all the tools for marketing you require and synced with your existing devices.

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What exactly is TikTok?

In January, TikTok had 1 billion customers; its creators describe TikTok as “the most popular site for mobile videos that are short.” When these creators say that TikTok curates content in a short form, they refer to it. When TikTok was beginning its development, videos were only fifteen seconds long in the early days. Although the developers increased the maximum size for videos to three minutes in 2021, short videos remain the mainstay of this social media site.

Though it’s only the seventh-most well-known social network, TikTok can be considered the more engaging because of how long users spend using it. A typical TikTok session is around 10.82 minutes, that’s more than twice the amount of time spent on Pinterest, which is the runner-up. Pinterest.

What makes TikTok used by real estate professionals a great idea?
As an agent, you might think about what you can contribute to an app mainly used by millennials and Gen Z seeking to pass the time. You might be shocked to discover that a few property agents have successfully used TikTok as a platform. One agent reported that hundreds of individual listings had contacted her via the platform.

This chart shows the percentage of TikTok users in every age bracket.

Although most users are between 10 to 19, there is the same number of users of all ages, except the 50-plus age group.
As a social media platform, TikTok is unique because users visit it to interact with content from different people, including their friends. This is why it’s likely to be easier to make your content gain recognition on TikTok than on other social media platforms, and it could be a powerful marketing tool.

It’s also simpler for content to become viral on TikTok instead of on different social networks. The default page that users are shown will be”for you,” which is the “for You” site, which offers content based on the user’s previous interaction with the website. Because TikTok’s algorithm is always looking at new material to display to users, users may see your videos featured in their feeds, mainly if you manage to tag your videos correctly and produce exciting content.

While TikTok can be utilized for lead generation organically, it can also be used to earn money, creating a second revenue source for your company.

What are the best methods to use TikTok as a real estate agent?
The secret to using TikTok effectively is to develop short-form video content that entices users. Some suggestions include:

Tips and tricks for real estate agents

Tours of the property
Information on how to prepare a house to sell
Do’s and don’ts of the business
When you generate leads, you’ll want to give potential clients a picture of who they’ll interact with when they contact you.

How do you start using TikTok?
It takes only some minutes to create your TikTok account that is available for free, just like many other social networks.

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