The Ultimate Features of a Competition Holster

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There are several things that you should look for in a competition holster. These include durability, concealability, and adaptability. You may compromise some features to get a holster that works well for you. These features will make your competition holster more suitable than others. Consult with an expert.


The modularity of good competition holsters is a vital aspect of any competitive holster. Modular systems allow a user to change their holster quickly and easily. Modular holsters are also great for civilians as they enable law enforcement and civilians to use the same holster. Additionally, modular holsters provide multiple mounting points so that users can easily change the type of holster they use for various situations.

When shopping for a competition holster, consider how versatile it is. Some holsters are designed to make it easier to draw your weapon. Others, however, may find it difficult to draw from them. Those who are more comfortable with the ease of removing should avoid competition-style holsters. Some competition holsters may also be challenging to draw from due to their lack of retention.


A good competition holster has to be concealed while being easy to draw. This means that it needs to cover the trigger guard and trigger. This type of holster may not be suitable for concealed carry, but it is fine for use during IDPA competitions. A good competition holster will also resist moisture and dirt, which are essential in IDPA matches. The best holsters can cover these areas, making them very functional.

The overall fit and finish are other vital factors. You can easily adjust the retention of your firearm with a screw, so you can make sure it stays concealed until it is intentionally pulled. Additionally, a good competition holster is comfortable and has a discreet look. Many holsters are made of nylon, but you can also choose an alternative material, such as leather if you want to save a little money.


One of the most important considerations when buying a holster is its durability. While you might be tempted to purchase a cheapo holster, you will quickly realize that a good competition holster will last for many years. The materials used in a top-quality holster are highly durable and will last longer than cheaper alternatives. While the price of a good competition holster may be a bit higher than that of a more affordable one, you will save money in the long run by choosing a higher-quality one.

Leather is softer and more compressible than Kydex and, as a result, is less likely to deform under heavy use. However, leather holsters tend to wear out more quickly, as sweat will affect the leather backing piece. While leather holsters may be more durable than Kydex ones, leather holsters tend to wear out more rapidly and can warp over time.


A good competition holster should be adaptable to its users’ needs to be effective in a competition. Unlike a normal holster, competition holsters can easily change and adapt to the activities they are designed for. Therefore, a good competition holster must retain the handgun during the intended activities and be highly adjustable to fit the user’s needs. However, some users will need a holster with a higher retention level, which will slow their draw speed.

One of the best things about a competition holster is its adaptability. You can use it for various situations, from off-duty to range days and sandbox training. In addition, it is versatile, allowing you to adjust the cant to fit the problem. While it may seem a hassle to adjust a holster to fit your hands may seem a nuisance, this is a simple task.


Competition holsters are the ultimate tool for a competitive shooter. They can make or break a shooter’s day and can add a level of comfort that the average shooter can’t match. Some companies manufacture competition holsters with custom-design options. Some even offer customization options to fit your style of competition shooting. 

A Competition Holster is excellent for 3Gun action shooting, IDPA, or USPSA matches. It allows for faster muzzle rotation and clears the holster more quickly, allowing you to shoot more accurately. Most models feature dual retention screws for fine-tuning draw effort and feel. They also feature a fully enclosed trigger guard to protect the gun from bumps and scrapes during competition.

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