The Top Places to Live in Dubai

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When anybody is looking for a new house, there are many factors that one needs to consider. These include the place you work, the location of your child’s school, and the cost of accommodation. As the real estate market value in Dubai is increasing, new and modern places such as villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah or any other luxury villas for sale in Dubai are developing at a fast pace.

several problems for you. Therefore, before your big shift, you must consider a myriad of factors so there is no loss. Here is a list of places that you can look into when you are researching several homes in Dubai: 

1)  Dubai Marina

Right in the centre of New Dubai lies the beautiful Dubai Marina. The man-made harbour is surrounded by a number of shops and restaurants, making the Marina Walk a beautiful and scenic destination for the majority of the visitors. The high-rise residential settlement has a waterfront apartment tower. Expats and young couples can live a comfortable life here as it is in the middle of the city.

2)  Downtown

Downtown is known as “The Centre of Now.” Near this beautiful area, the world’s largest building, the Burj Khalifa is found. Other than that, the Dubai Mall is also nearby which is the dream place of every shopper. There are several different styles of apartments and villas available Downtown. You can get a place for yourself and your family at a price that is worth the luxury feel of the apartments. However, there is one downside of living Downtown, and that is the traffic in the evenings.

3)  Midrif

If your work requires you to travel abroad, it is smart to live in an area that is close to the airport. If the case is the same with the nature of your job and you happen to live in Dubai, choose the modern and extensive community, Midrif, that is spread out behind the Dubai Airport. It is one of the popular residential choices for expats. Over here, you will find an entire collection of villas and apartments. However, make sure that you hire a reliable agency that will help you get the best budget out of the dealers. There is also a shopping mall in the community, which is a good place for people who are looking for a cheap shop.

4)  Arabian Ranches

Arabian ranches is a quiet and peaceful suburb that is located a few meters away from the busy city. If you ever get the chance to drive through the community, you will feel in awe as you will move through lush trees and well-maintained villas. For western expats, this is an ideal neighbourhood. You can find well-established schools, hospital facilities, cafes, restaurants, and other entertainment places at Arabian Ranches. However, accommodation here can be a bit costly. The villas are mostly characterised by 2-5 huge bedrooms with generous spaces for kitchens and living rooms. On the other hand, it is also important to have a car because the community is located outside the city.

5)  Jumeirah Beach Residence

JBR is the enchanting long-stretch of the famous high-rise buildings that align the beach of Marina. In this area, you can only find apartments with underground parking facilities and balconies. The prices vary depending on the type of luxury you are opting for. Apartments with more than 2 rooms and larger balconies are more costly than the ones that feature a single bedroom. Moreover, there are a bunch of cafes, a cinema, and many shops that you can walk to if you decide to live in this magical neighbourhood.

6)  La Rosa 

La Rosa Dubai Properties is one of the big shots in the real estate industry of the UAE. The new La Rosa VillaNova townhouses are not only beautiful but are spacious and designed with a modern approach. The community features swimming pools, recreational, and play areas. The townhouses offer buyers striking 3 and 4 bedroom houses that are exceptional for families. Other than that, homeowners can enjoy leisure and family areas, sports facilities, cinemas, mosques, restaurants, and excellent academic institutions.

If you choose to live in any of these aforementioned residencies, it is a guarantee that you will be living a good life in Dubai.

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