The most Beautiful Angry Birds Coloring Pages 

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Angry Birds coloring pages: Angry Birds has been “addictive” to everyone who knows it.

Children always love coloring pictures with many rich and attractive themes. Don’t you wonder about choosing coloring pictures for children? 

Today we bring kids Angry Birds coloring pages suitable for children of all ages. Those are amazing pictures that every baby should know and play with; these pictures will help them be more creative and intelligent and increase their ability to recognize colors. Let’s explore the exciting things that Angry Birds coloring pages bring.

Printable Angry Birds coloring sheets

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Angry Birds coloring pages: how did crazy birds break the game market record?

The Angry Birds version has been released for more than ten years. From a mobile game, hot-tempered birds have become a cultural phenomenon, strongly influencing other areas such as film, television, and advertising.

People know about Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment, It is considered one of the most successful mobile games of all time. A sketch of stylized wingless birds inspired the game. 

The first release was on the iOS platform in December 2009, after a year, the game has sold 12 million copies. Later, Angry Birds spread to other platforms, including Android, Symbian, and Windows.

Angry Birds opens with a story about the evil green pigs that stole the colorful birds’ eggs, so the birds decided to attack to get the eggs back. 

The player will be provided with a certain number of birds. Players will use a slingshot to shoot each bird at the pigs or shoot at the wooden, ice, or stone construction where the blue pigs are residing. The goal is to destroy the pigs by shooting directly or breaking structures, causing them to collide. If the player kills all the pigs before the birds run out, the level is won.

The game includes many different types of birds with different colors and abilities. Initially, it will be a red bird with strong impact power but no special skills. Gradually other kinds of birds will appear with powerful capabilities, such as the blackbird that can explode or the white bird that can drop explosive eggs. In addition, pigs also have different sizes.

Each level will only have a certain number of birds. If the player destroys all the pigs before the birds run out, the level is won. Game Points will add points if the player kills a pig, breaks parts of a structure, or has at least one bird left when the pigs are destroyed. After each stage is won, the player will receive one, two, or three stars depending on the number of points won.

The highlight of the game is the bright and vivid background. Besides, the cries of the birds, along with the provocative laughter of the evil pigs, make the game extremely interesting and attractive.

Angry Birds is a simple game but full of attraction

One of the reasons why Angry Birds easily conquered the whole world is its level of accessibility. The developers had to ensure that new players did not find the experience difficult. They also have to make sure the game is suitable for the elderly, young people, children, etc.

The age factor and the level of intelligence of the player do not affect the gameplay. It means that the developers had to design so that everyone could get through the levels in Angry Birds with a bit of thought and persistence. This factor helps the game increase relaxation and reduce stress for players every time they pass a level. 

If Angry Birds is too easy, people will quickly get bored. To increase the addictiveness, the developers of Angry Birds have gradually increased the game difficulty level enough for players to build their strategies and methods to use each bird one by one most reasonable way. Thanks to that, players will constantly be caught up in the feeling that they have just passed a level and want to continue playing to the next level.

Angry Birds looks simple on the surface, but each level is meticulously planned, thought out, and designed to attract players as much as possible.

Angry Birds is an excellent game for people to entertain

Another attraction of Angry Birds lies in the gameplay time, players are free to play for as long or as short as possible. It means gamers can take advantage of the time during lunch breaks or take public transport.

Even if players can only take advantage of one level to experience, Angry Birds still has enough satisfying elements. All visual and sound effects are exciting, even if you are the most challenging type of gamer. The feeling of overcoming a level, destroying the green pigs, and eliminating obstacles in Angry Birds is exhilarating.

In terms of science, when participating in the game, the brain always urges us to find out what happens when shooting the birds. After that, players receive rewards from the game, although not continuously, but regularly receiving tips makes gamers feel more excited. It makes people feel happy; surely, gamers will want to constantly stay in Angry Birds to satisfy their curiosity about what will happen in the following levels and have a sense of happiness.

Not just a game title, the Angry Birds phenomenon has influenced many different aspects such as movies, television, sports, etc. Achieving such great success, Angry Birds has fully converged. Elements include simple but attractive gameplay and humorous style.  

Although the tastes of the online game community have changed a lot due to the appearance of many new genres and the participation of significant game makers, Angry Birds is still a legend phone. To overcome the reputation and success of the hot-tempered birds, perhaps very few game studios can do this.

The Angry Birds coloring page will be a surprise gift for children

“Angry Bird” is entirely suitable for young audiences because of its entertainment and fun and conveys a message that is close and easy to understand. Children love this game very much. Taking the familiar image from this famous game, many studios have also released cartoons based on the story of Angry Bird. Playgrounds also build space for Angry Birds so that players can experience it in real life without having to play through electronic devices. 

Children are also very familiar with toys designed from colorful birds that always have angry faces. Children’s fashion brands also take inspiration from Angry Birds images to create more unique photos. The success of this game company not only makes a famous and lasting game in the world but also leaves a deep impression on the audience.

Has your child seen the Angry Birds cartoon or played this game? They certainly cannot miss these vivid coloring pictures. Funny and lovely with all the beautiful designs, the Angry Birds coloring page set will create excitement for children in the painting. Helping children discover things in the world around them through coloring angry birds will be highly effective in teaching them early.

Parents should choose coloring pages according to their child’s interests to help bring the best effect when choosing angry bird coloring pages. Angry bird coloring pages online for children at the beginning of coloring are usually simple drawings with little detail. At an older age, the children’s thinking has gradually matured. Parents can let them practice coloring pictures with more complex lines and more vivid patterns and textures to promote their individuality—his creativity. 

Angry Birds coloring pages are drawn most funnily, and the baby will choose a variety of colors and unique shapes. Therefore, when parents print these drawings for their children to practice coloring, they will surely be very interested, excited, and happy. 

Coloring Angry Birds color pages will also be a great source of motivation for your children to be better trained and prepared to enter life. At that time, children will be able to promote their imagination, thinking, and creativity. It makes children less likely to spend most of their time watching TV or youtube – these are means of providing information that makes children receive one-way and passive. 

The Angry Birds coloring page is one of the fun and attractive coloring practice themes that gives children moments of fun and comfortable coloring experience, making their learning and training more fun and achieving the best effect. So parents, please provide your children Angry Birds color page so that they can both play and discover exciting things through colors.


Angry Birds coloring pages are funny and cute for children. That will be the best coloring exercise you should give your baby. Children will have more fun and happiness every time they learn without feeling stressed and pressured through this coloring activity. It will be a source of motivation for the child to be more interested in learning and practicing.

Parents, please also refer to many other coloring pages for kids to be able to support and create conditions for their children to develop their creativity and thinking!


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