The Best Way To Use A Tracking App

Monitoring your child’s mobile activity can be challenging. Sometimes, you don’t want to invade their privacy but at the same time, you also want to make sure that they are safe and not going into bad neighborhoods. Trackimo is an excellent system for providing you with protection for your family.

The best tracking apps can help you to track your phone

In this post, I have presented the best 7 GPS tracking apps for Android 2022. These apps help you make the most of your phone’s built-in GPS by turning it into a fully-featured GPS device with maps, waypoints, routes, tracks, and on-road navigation.

While most of these apps are free, some of them come with in-app purchases. Most of them offer the same basic features but if you are looking for something specific then do let us know in the comments below.

Here are the 8 best GPS tracking apps for you

Below I mentioned the 8 best GPS tracking apps, which you need to look for monitoring your child’s mobile activity can be challenging.

1. Map My Run

Map My Run is a great app for runners that tracks your workout data, including duration, distance, pace, and speed. It also has a community component where you can join challenges.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is the most used navigation app in the world that can be easily downloaded on Android and iOS devices. It gives you information about traffic jams and the most efficient route to your destination.

3. InRoute

InRoute is a convenient route planner with voice navigation that helps you save time by choosing routes with the least traffic.

4. UPSN Tracking

UPSN Tracking is your all-in-one package. Whether you’re shipping an essential document or a new life, count on your package to move safely and arrive as expected with real-time UPS tracking.

5. Waze 

Waze is an easy-to-use GPS app with alerts about accidents, hazards, and speed traps along your route. It also stores data about nearby gas stations and prices as well as traffic jams.

6. GeoZilla Family Locator

GeoZilla Family Locator is one of the best family trackers on the market that allows you to share your location with other family users or keep it private.

7. Life360 Family Locator 

Life360 Family Locator is an award-winning location tracker for families that offers real-time location sharing and driver monitoring features to improve the safety of loved ones.

8. FamiSafe parental control app 

FamiSafe parental control app is a powerful mobile tracker for families with many useful features like screen time control, geofencing, web history monitoring, device blocking, and more.


In conclusion, there are many tracking applications in the App Store with lots of features and customizations that users can take advantage of. Hopefully, we’ve narrowed down the lengthy list and helped you decide which app will work best for you. Be sure to also check out the linked apps Comparison Engine for a comparison of many popular free apps.

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