The 11 Best Playmobil Pirate Ships

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Playmobil’s pirate ships have now achieved real cult status. For many years, remote control mini boat the ships have been faithful game companions of little boys and girls. Playmobil has gradually launched more and more models on the market and even launched its own Pirates series.

A special highlight of the Playmobil pirate ships is of course playing in the water. Since the ships all swim and the plastic has no problems with moisture, the pirate ships can easily be taken into the bathtub or the pool. This makes the pirate adventure even more realistic and the fun increased.

Below you will find the 11 Playmobil pirate ship favorites of the editors. We present each of the individual ships in a short portrait:

Playmobil Pirate Ship 6678

A ship with black sails appears on the horizon. Clearly visible: The printed Jolly Roger on the mainsail is clearly visible. Bloodthirsty pirates roam the deck, the cannons threaten. On the pirate battleship of Playmobil, children between the ages of four and ten experience impressively how adventurous the life of the buccaneers once was. The ship is, typical for Playmobil, lovingly equipped with numerous details and can also be operated in the water with a ballast weight (article no. 6241). You can also add the RC underwater motor with the no. 5536.

Playmobil Pirate Ship 70151 –

Underwater motor, cannons with firing function, pirate flag and a box full of gold – the adventure can begin! But first, your pirate captain has to rest in the cozy hammock as long as his crew scrubs the deck with a bucket of water… The colorful pirate ship from Playmobil for children from the age of four comes with a lot of accessories, you simply add an AA battery. Then your ship is ready to cruise in the bathtub!

Playmobil Pirate Loot Ship 5135

Pirates make the seas unsafe, lurk in hidden bays, hijack ships and make prey. With the Playmobil Pirate Loot Ship you bring the conquered treasures safely into their hiding place. Defend your loot against other pirates with two bolt cannons. With the crane you move the heavy boxes over the deck. If you take off the upper deck, you can accompany the captain at the briefing in his cabin. The pirate ship includes a magic coin with RFID chip, which can be used on the Adventure Treasure Island (No. 5143). Playmobil offers children between the ages of four and ten an incredibly adventurous fun here, which can even be used in the bathtub thanks to the underwater motor!

Playmobil Skull Battleship 70411

Three armed pirates, a monkey, a rat and a parrot make the bathtub unsafe on this Skull battleship from Playmobil. It is powered by the RC underwater motor (No. 9853) or the small underwater motor (No. 7350), which must be purchased separately. If you prefer to send your ship on a caper trip in the nursery, you can do that too. Because the fuselage is equipped with castors. Many accessories and detailed instructions for joint adventures (also with parents) are included. Thus, the pirate ship provides children from the age of five for varied and creative fun.

Playmobil Pirate Ship 3900

Red sails, red hull – Playmobil’s pirate ship not only looks dangerous, but also houses a cannon, three figures, many pistols, daggers and swords, and a treasure. Together with your Playmobil pirates you will experience numerous adventures in the children’s room. The fun starts with the construction, because the pirate ship is designed in great detail and can only be assembled in interaction with adults. Here little pirates from the age of four get their money’s worth!

Playmobil Pirate Ship 5810 – Corsair Sailor

The little corsair sailor is not the flagship of your pirate fleet, but he really has it in him! With the RC underwater motor 5536 (not included, must be purchased separately), the pirate ship even has its own propulsion. Let the three pirates sail through the bathtub or make the nursery unsafe on wheels! Cannons, grappling hooks, a large treasure chest with treasure and of course a pistol ensure that you experience numerous adventures. But first you can assemble your pirate ship with the help of an adult.

Playmobil Pirate Ship 6681 – Soldier Cannon Sailor

A flat, fast ship with three big red sails, capable cannons and two fearsome soldiers on the nimble sailor – who doesn’t want to play in the bathtub? The red soldier sailor can be combined with the underwater motor (No. 7350) or the RC underwater motor (No. 5536) and promises a lot of fun even after the set-up (adults are allowed to help). The figures can be moved, the armament is included. Can the two soldiers agree on which pirates they will hunt next?

Playmobil Pirate Ship 4424 – Pirate Ship

There is not much space left for little pirate fans when the large privateer ship with its almost 50 cm length and 40 cm height floats in the bathtub. The blood-red sails are gathered, the capable cannon is loaded: Dangerous pirates are on the way here! You climb through the rigging, swing on the coveted merchant ship and make no prisoners! A lot of accessories and lovingly designed details make the Playmobil pirate ship a real game fun – which continues to occupy long after building together.

Playmobil Pirate Ship 70412 – Red Rock Sailor

The red rock sailor with its two soldiers and the pirate raft has a total rc car of parts. These are numerous accessories such as projectiles, weapons, telescope and more, which provide months of fun. Whether you’re on the side of the pirates or the British redcoats, you’ll have adventure with this pirate ship! The sailor promotes creativity, skill and social behavior of small pirates from the age of four and not only fascinates adults when building up together. The buoyant vessel can be upgraded with the underwater motor (No. 7350) or the RC underwater motor (No. 9853, both not included).

Playmobil 123 Pirate Ship 9118

The small Playmobil pirate ship with two pirates, parrot, treasure chest and cannon makes pirates from about eighteen months a lot of fun. In the bathtub, they go on a caper ride, hide their treasure and navigate around soap and washcloths. With the rather small and handy ship, Playmobil encourages even very young children to put themselves in the role of pirates. During assembly, dexterity is trained, while role-playing is more about social behavior. Playful learning can be so much fun!

Playmobil Pirate Camouflage Ship 4290

Pirates were not stupid: They often disguised themselves as harmless merchant ships so that they could approach their victims undetected. Because the cannons did not have a large firing range, they could only be used at close range. Playmobil’s large pirate stealth ship is designed with great attention to detail. Of course, the Jolly Roger still blows on the main mast, and the usual equipment with crane, cannons, rotating figurehead, captain’s cabin and anchor winch, grappling hooks and storage space for prey is available. The almost 70 cm long ship can swim and becomes really mobile with the underwater motor (No. 7350, not included). There are always new details to discover and new adventures to experience!

Frequently asked questions about Playmobil pirate ships

What accessories are Playmobil pirate ships equipped with?

From sailing to cannons to treasure hideouts, islands, ammunition, weapons and additional figures, Playmobil pirate ships have plenty of accessories to offer. In addition, many models have a buoyancy that allows their use on the water and whose additional equipment with an underwater motor is possible.

How much does a Playmobil pirate ship cost?

The simple versions are already available in a price segment between 25 and 50 euros. With every increase in additional equipment and accessories, the price also increases. A large, well-equipped Playmobil pirate ship can cost between 140 and 160 euros. In addition, older cult models are traded on Ebay at very high prices.

How many different Playmobil pirate ships are there?

From sailing ships to combat ships and loot ships to three-master and caper ships, Playmobil has dozens of different sets of pirate ships to offer.

For what age are Playmobil pirate ships suitable?

According to the manufacturer, Playmobil pirate ships from 4 years are suitable. However, parents should assess whether the handling of weapons is already an option for their child.

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