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The Best Bar Carts We Have Ever Seen

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Bar carts can be used to store alcohol and glasses, but they can also look great if you know-how. We have some really great bar cart ideas for you. Each bar cart is an amazing work of art. We have 29 ideas to help you style your own. Grab your best-looking bottles of alcohol and your chicest glassware and put them on a stylish bar cart.

Be aware that your bar cart is both functional furniture as well as a way to enhance your home’s decor. You can elevate your bar cart with objects you might not have thought of as bar accessories. You can transform your bar cart into something more than a storage space for alcohol and glassware. You can be creative and mix and match your bar cart design or go all achromatic. Keep true to yourself, and take inspiration from the bar carts below.

These 10 bar cart ideas will inspire you to create your own bar cart display. Be warned: You might never see bar carts the exact same way again. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

1. Add Your Plant Babies

Bar carts can be filled with greenery, candles, books, and other items. Add some plants to your bar cart and you can create your own oasis. Faux plants are also available if you don’t have a green thumb. You’re unlikely to find out.

2. Make it a party station

Pellegrino, and fruit-infused water are just a few of the many options. The bar cart can be described as a party on wheels. You can also get a drink dispenser to serve your guests.

3. Add A Fresh Bouquet

You’d be proud to have your favorite bouquet next to your favorite liquor, don’t you think? Fresh flowers can instantly brighten a room. So why not add some bouquets to your bar cart?

4. Showcase Your Most Beautiful Glassware

You can display cute glassware that you have in your kitchen cabinets by taking them out and displaying them on your bar cart. It can be a work of art in your home. This sign is a great way to get cute glasses for a bargain.

5. Use a Pretty Tray

A portable bar tray is a great alternative to a cart. It can be filled with your favorite liquors, some cute straws, and perhaps a decorative item. You can also add some of your favorite glasses for quick drinks if you have the space.

6. Add Your Record Player

It can be difficult to fill up two shelves with alcohol. Sometimes it is better to use a record player instead. You can now remember to turn on old-school tunes every time you go for a drink.

7. Make it Match

You can coordinate all of your bar cart accessories (plants included!) and create a stunning, matching display. Pro tip: Match your lime garnishes with your favorite plants.

8. Make the Most of Small Spaces

This bar cart setup is great for corners that are a bit bare but offer little in the way decor space. It’s easy to keep everything at hand while still filling the corner you didn’t know what to do.

9. Mix It In

Your bar cart can be matched with other accessories such as a large statement mirror in the living room or a rug. Your bar cart will quickly become an art piece in your home.

10. You can double it as a side table

The pineapple canister that you didn’t know what to do with is now the cherry (mm, peach). a cute bar cart display. You can also get twice the usage out of your bar cart if you place it next to a chair or couch in your home and add a cute lamp!

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