How to Teach a Foreign Language Effectively Online 

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Foreign language courses are quite in demand among learners nowadays. To learn better communication ways, and become eligible for more job opportunities, international working platforms, and earn more, students nowadays are preferring learning foreign languages like French, Japanese,  German, etc.

 With the better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness provided, online language courses are also more preferred by students. To make one’s online language course successful, effective teaching is important. Other than researching the right platform to sell courses online, let us discuss some tips that educators can follow to teach a language effectively only. 

Qualities of an online language instructor 


Learning via computer or mobile screens can be challenging for many students. Also if students face understanding issues, they might drop out of the course selected. To teach any foreign language effectively, the online instructor should be creative. Be unique, think of innovative ideas to make students develop an interest in the language, and become fluent. Making flashcards, audios etc is helpful. 


Speaking any language other than our mother tongue or English is surely difficult. Not all students can speak up properly. Therefore online teachers need to be patient. They should treat students with patience and must encourage them to keep trying and giving their best. Teachers should offer regular help to students in both synchronous or asynchronous language online courses.

Fluent at language speaking

To make students effective at the language, teachers should be fluent language speakers. This will help teachers to teach effectively, make students understand the right sentence formation, and learn to communicate in the language better. 

Tips to teach a foreign language effectively online 

1. Decide the course outline 

The first step to follow in online language teaching is to design a course outline. Language is quite a vast subject. There is no end to learning a language. Therefore a pattern needs to be decided regarding where to start, how to cover the basics, reach the advanced level and wind up the course. Similarly, the number of classes that need to be given should be planned too. Many students go for asynchronous learning programs too. So research the best platform to sell online courses and decide on the course outline later, discuss it with the students who want to join your course in advance only. 

2. Use multimedia tools to teach 

Teaching any foreign language is not an easy task. Starting from the alphabet, characters, the whole new vocabulary, grammar patterns, and sentence formation, only textbook material is not very understandable to students. Therefore teachers must use technology. 

By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, listening audios for practice, etc. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Classroom learning and self-studies both are enhanced this way. 

3. Make students interactive in the classes 

Any online language course is said to be successful when students become capable of speaking and writing in the selected language. To do so, making students interactive in the classes is very important. If teachers keep on explaining and students simply sit as mere listeners, they won’t be able to learn how to use and communicate in the language. Teachers should follow the teaching styles that promote student interaction. In between the teacher asks students whether they are understanding well or not. 

  • Make students read aloud the new vocabulary words. 
  • Ask them to give a self-introduction in the learned language. 
  • Have sentence formation practice and ask students to recite what sentences they framed. 

4. Make quality videos and audios

Study material is the main component that makes an online course successful. For teaching a language effectively online, providing students with quality study material is very important. If students don’t have suitable resources to refer to, they won’t be able to hold a proper command of the language.

 Teachers must make effective videos. For example, if you are teaching the French language, make basic videos on how to give a self-introduction, more about French history, everyday vocabulary words, etc respectively. Make sure to make the videos of moderate durations and understandable to students. Give its easy access to the students. 


With the growth and development in technology, online language learning courses are increasing rapidly. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can teach languages effectively online. This will help educators to make their online courses successful. 

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