5 Saving Solutions to Reduce Your Business’ Energy Bill

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Energy consumption in the business setup is a recurrent expense that your business will incur every other day to keep the business running. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the energy bill is kept at an all-time low to reduce related expenses. You can implement simple steps to reduce the energy bill, such as instituting a change in employee behavior while in the office, investing in energy-efficient appliances, and optimizing your business premise. Here are some energy-saving solutions that your business can implement to lower the bills.

1. Conduct an Energy Audit

The first step to reducing the business energy bill is to conduct an energy audit to identify the areas responsible for the energy losses. If your business has a large workforce, you may need to hire the services of an energy audit company in line with the existing energy regulation policies. If your business is smaller, you can hire the services of a professional from an electric utility company to conduct an inspection of the premises and offer guidance or even change your business energy rates.

2. Optimize the Office Building

The business premise may be a cause of high energy bills and inefficiencies. There are office buildings that are costly in terms of heating and cooling due to the design or age, with some having vents that cause energy loss. You can optimize the office building by insulating the building to prevent air leaks. Patch up any spaces and cracks that appear around the doors and the windows to prevent energy losses.

Keeping the vents within the building clear will also help in reducing the cooling costs. Remove any furniture and unblock any ducts that impede airflow in and around the building. Another initiative that you can undertake to reduce the business energy bills is to plant shady trees around the building. The shade will help keep the building cool during the summer or break the winds during autumn and winter, causing a reduction in the business energy consumption by about 25%.

3. Use Energy Star Rated Appliances

The government initiated the Energy star program to promote efforts toward energy efficiency. Different appliances that contribute to significant energy savings and meet strict efficiency guidelines are awarded this rating. Investing in these products as you replace the old ones is an excellent way to bring down the energy costs and increase your savings. You will also benefit from the tax breaks offered by the local governments when you purchase energy-star-rated appliances. With the ever-increasing energy rates, buying these appliances will help reduce your energy bills by around 10% to 50% for the number of years you will be using them.

4. Invest in Programmable Thermostats

Manual thermostats work with fixed settings which means that there is no way to regulate the temperatures if there are temperature changes. With a programmable thermostat, you can easily set it to either raise or lower the temperatures within the room automatically. These thermostats can be programmed to have schedules that ensure that the temperature is constantly optimal without resetting. Another benefit you will get from investing in the programmable thermostat is that you can zone the office building to help in cutting costs. Depending on the need, the different office blocks or zones can have their thermostat to regulate the temperatures independently.

5. Turn off Lights and Appliances When Not in Use

Turning off the lights when not in use and switching off appliances after use is among the simplest ways to reduce business energy bills. In most offices, the lights in the kitchen and bathrooms are often left on even when they are not in use, hence gradually increasing the overall energy bill. It would be good to invest in sensor lights that will automatically turn on when in use and off when not in use.

The computers and other office equipment need electricity to function, and most times, they are left on when not in use or at the end of the day. The office staff can turn off or unplug these devices when they are leaving the office to help in reducing the energy bills.

Reduce Your Business’ Energy Bill

Businesses need energy to ensure business processes are constantly running, yet this does not mean the bills need to be costly. Implementing the above strategies will help your business cut down on excessive energy usage, benefit from rebates and tax incentives, and cut down on expenses.

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