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As the worldwide pandemic scenario presents a significant opportunity for the software development sector, most companies are seeking innovative technology-based solutions to support their changing methods of working. Data Science, AI, IoT, Cross-Platform, AR/VR, Point of Sale systems (POS), Salesforce CRM Development, and many more new software development technologies are helping organisations flourish despite COVID-19 and minor human operations.

According to NASSCOM estimates, India’s IT workforce will number more than 4.36 million people in 2020. Indian software companies have been the most favoured partners for global enterprises for over two decades. Furthermore, outsourcing software development services to Indian enterprises might assist corporations in lowering costs without losing quality.

Like all the companies have their software development solutions and partners, you should also have a software solutions company. Thus, MAG Studios is one of India’s top-notch software solution companies.

Because of its extensive expertise, a team of trained experts, essential business insights, and focused working procedures, MAG Studios is a leading software development company that provides top-rated Software Development Services for your industry.

Software Solutions and MAG Studios

MAG Studios is a software development and solutions company based in New Delhi that aims to increase your business’s efficiency by cutting down your day-to-day costs and thus, resulting in increased productivity and income. Having experience of more than 50 years, MAG Studios has created an immense background and client base with a highly experienced team with people pursuing their engineering from reputed IITs and MBA from other reputed colleges.

MAG Studios assists you with all your software development requirements and aims for your growth by providing the best software solutions. Moreover, it now has a client base of approx.—500 firms and start-ups to fulfil all their software requirements.

MAG helps you with all your software development needs, including CRM Systems, Internal Company Intranet Systems, Client Extranet Systems, Mobile App Development for Android and iOS Platform and other software workflows.

Why MAG Studios?

MAG Studios, a technology consulting company, provides technology solutions to boost your growth. It focuses on mobile application development, website development, workflow software development and other related digital marketing services. MAG Studios has encompassed over five continents with more than 600 happy clients. It has made more than 3000 satisfying developments.

Moreover, MAG Studios is super headed by IIT graduates having more than 40 years of experience in this field. You will be surprised to know that MAG has started working for start-ups all across the globe and has thus extended its services with a more reliable, experienced, and highly educated and knowledgeable team. Furthermore, some of the clients of MAG include BBC, Citi, Pink Sumo, Protiviti, Golder and many more.

Coming onto the MAG experience, MAG has even worked with FoxPro and is currently utilising the most current frameworks and technologies. Between FoxPro and now, the founder has amassed over 40 years of industry experience and has successfully established a highly efficient and capable team of software engineers from the world’s top universities and management gurus providing business and technology consulting for the best possible solutions for our customers.

Wrapping Up

Software solutions are very needed for organisations since they allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and become more competitive. Software development can enhance customer experiences, bring more feature-rich and creative goods to market, and make setups safer, more productive, and efficient.

Moreover, digitization and online information storage save space and unify and centralise it, making it easily accessible to those who require it. It is also simple to secure your data from intruders. So, it would be best to get yourself done with software development solutions, and for this, you contact MAG Studios.

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