Saving Energy in the Office

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It’s that dreaded time where the bills are going up and the pressure to minimize energy usage is increased. It’s easy to forget the cost of energy in the workplace, when you’re not receiving the bill.

But in a space where we’re all working together, a group effort should be made to be conscious of the energy used and how usage can be reduced.

Heating and Aircon

Both these appliances use high levels of energy and when used for long periods of time, can be quite expensive.

The workplace should be comfortable and the temperature not too hot or too cold. So, the question is, is it essential to have either appliance switched on all day? Heating and cooling sources should be used as when required, and if the office isn’t too hot or cold, then they can be switched off.

Using these functions as and when you need will be more cost effective than leaving switched on the entire day.


Offices have numerous rooms, and it’s almost impossible to be using all the rooms all the time. Meeting rooms, bathrooms and hallways are spaces which are used intermittently and shouldn’t require a constant lighting source.

If you’re not using the space, as soon as you leave the lights should be turned off to conserve energy. To help when the lights are turned on, you can switch to LED lights and for other spaces motioned censored lights are useful.

Office Equipment

You can’t escape the day to day use of equipment such as machinery, computers, printers etc which are most commonly used. You need the right tools to complete your job, so it’s not always possible to control the usage during the day.

However, during the night and after office hours, keeping machines on standby is a sure way to keep using energy. The standby light needs to be powered and if it’s left on continuously, some level of electricity will be used. To beat the extra cost, turn computers and machinery off at the plug, eliminating the standby costs.

Making Drinks

Being in an office can see your drink an obscene amount of hot drinks, which means the kettle is being constantly boiled. Using the kettle is a daily task and we switch it on without event thinking about it. However, now’s the time to be mindful.

There are 2 tips for boiling the kettle, which can be applied at home too.

  1. Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need, therefore the boiling time is quicker.
  2. Make more than one drink in the office, so you make multiple drinks but having to boil the kettle less times.

The suggestions are small, yet effective ways to make positive changes in the workplace. If the whole office is mindful, you’ll be moving in the right direction when it comes to energy use.

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