Removing Hair By Waxing: What Are The Types Of Wax For Hair Removal?

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Hair removal can be done by various methods. Threading, shaving, epilation, and waxing are a few of them. Every method is widely used by people according to their convenience. However, waxing is one of the popular methods as it is economical.

In this article, we will discuss the various types of wax for hair removal and what makes them the right choice for you. You can also check online hair removal wax price in Pakistan.

What is waxing? What are the different types of wax for hair removal?

Waxing is the process of removing unwanted hair by applying depilatory wax to the body.

There are several types of wax designed for different skin types and are used accordingly. The various types of wax are not used in the same way; some require strips while the other doesn’t. So, let’s dive into the different wax types.

What are the types of waxing for ladies?

These are the types of wax that are used by ladies at home and waxing salons.

1. Soft warm wax

Soft warm wax is a wax that everyone is familiar with. It is a thick cream or a cohesive cream that is heated and applied to the required area for hair removal. A thin layer is applied to the skin and a muslin strip is required to remove it. The strip is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Soft wax is gentle to the skin and removes hair finely. One of the advantages of hot soft wax is that the heat of the wax dilates the hair follicles, thus resulting in quick and efficient hair removal. This type of wax is ideal for sensitive skin and larger areas like legs and back.

2. Hard warm wax

Hard wax hair removal, as the name suggests is a hard wax that is sometimes available in the form of beads and is heated before application.  It is a strip-free wax. The wax is heated and applied to the required area, it cools and hardens. It is then pulled by hands to remove hair. This type of wax is ideal for the face, underarms, and bikinis. Longer hair, like on legs can break with this wax. Therefore, it is suitable for sensitive and small areas.

Hard wax is applied in a thicker layer than soft wax, so it is easier to pull once it hardens.

3. Cold soft wax

Cold soft wax, as it sounds is applied directly from the jar without the need to be heated. Sometimes it comes in the form of a ready-made strip.

However, cold wax is convenient to many as it decreases the risk of burning the skin. Moreover, applying a thin layer of cold wax can be tricky for beginners.

Cold wax is a worthwhile method of hair removal, however, in terms of precision, hot wax is more productive. Cold wax can leave the hair to the skin.

Furthermore, everyone has his own opinion, in the case of cold wax many people find it more painful than the hot wax.

4. Ready-made wax strips

The ready-made wax strips contain cold soft wax in the right amount. These strips are ready to use and require no preparation. It is feasible and a mayhem-free hair removal method. Before applying the wax strips, you must gently rub them in your palms to heat them. You apply them to your skin, rub it and pull it against your hair growth. The strip can be used again if the area you applied it on had less hair.

The advantage of strip wax is that it is convenient for beginners and can be easily used anywhere and anytime.

The best professional wax for hair removal is the one that suits your skin and the intensity of your hair. Your wax technician will assist you in selecting the right type for you. Additionally, you can use some disposable products to help in waxing.

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