Public transport in Dubai

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Whether over land or water: In Dubai there are numerous means of transport to get from point A to B comfortably.

Dubai’s means of transport in comparison

In order to get to the individual districts and sights in Dubai, you have to rely on a means of transport. Because most of the long distances cannot be mastered on foot. But Dubai’s transport network impresses with a wide range of public transport options and a well-developed route network. In addition, Dubai’s means of transport are very cheap compared to other cities.

Getting around with your own car

Those who prefer more flexibility can get one in Dubai Rent a rental car. This gives you maximum comfort and flexibility. We recommend having your own car in Dubai especially if you have several trips you want to do in the surrounding area. In addition to classic rental cars, there are also numerous companies in Dubai that specialize in Sports and rent luxury car dubai


The metro in Dubai is well developed with a route network of around 80 kilometers. So you can get to almost all hotspots with the Dubai Metro. The Dubai Metro is one of the most modern yet cheapest means of transport in the world. There are a total of 7 zones. Payment is made depending on the zone driven. The ultra-modern metro in Dubai is fully automated, i.e. completely driverless. Since most of the metro runs above ground and has large windows, you already have a great view of Dubai while driving. The seats at the front end of the metro are particularly popular. Because the front is completely covered with glass, giving you a gigantic view.

Tram & Monorail

Another mode of transport in Dubai is the tram. The monorail will take you from the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah to the top where Atlantis The Palm is located.


The bus system in Dubai is also well developed and connects all of Dubai’s districts with one another. The buses usually run every 10 minutes, slightly outside every 30 minutes. You can pay in the bus as well as in the metro with a NOL card.

Hop On Hop Off Bus

Another alternative is the popular one Hop On Hop Off Busin Dubai. This allows you to easily combine sightseeing and transport. The bus has several lines and stops at all major spots. This gives you the opportunity to explore the sights on board an open-top double-decker bus. Or you can get off at the respective stops and explore the sights from there on foot.


Despite the metro’s well-developed network, taxis are widely used in Dubai. This is mainly due to the greater flexibility that tourists like to fall back on, especially during the hot summer months. Furthermore, taxis are very popular due to their comparatively low price. But be careful: the price per kilometer varies depending on the time of day. At night the prices are a little higher. 

Transport over water

Abra / water taxi

Probably the best and most charming way to get from A to B in Dubai is by taking a water taxi, also known as an abra. The price for a ride on the Abra is almost free at the equivalent of € 0.25 and is definitely worth the trip! Payment is made directly on board, so you do not need a ticket in advance.


On board a Dubai Ferry you can enjoy a great view over Dubai. The ferry runs over the Dubai Canal, over the Business Bay to the Dubai Marina. You can find more information on the exact stops and travel times


For everyone who would like to explore Dubai in their own way, we recommend a yacht. In Dubai there are numerous opportunities to rent your own yacht or take part in a yacht tour. So you can see the sights from a very special perspective. 

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