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Over/Under throw-in: The secret to making money

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Over/Under throw is a fairly new form of betting that not all bookmakers offer, in this article, let’s learn about it.

Football betting is currently a form of entertainment that many players love to choose. In which the Over/Under throw-in is considered to bring many chances to win when playing. But not every player knows what Over/Under throws are and how to play. So in the article right below 20Bet online would like to share a detailed way for players to better understand.

Surely those who are fans of the king sport will know that there is no match without a throw-in situation. And the main limit of the football field is the horizontal and vertical lines. Therefore, the throw-in is considered the way to continue the game if there is an incident where the ball is sent out of the two touchlines along the field. In case the ball goes all the way to the goal line, then we will have a corner kick. Depending on the situation, the throw-in will have different properties. It’s like a way to save or cut off the opponent’s attack.

So what is throw-in? This is a type of side bet besides winning or losing in football. The purpose of this bet is to help players have a variety of bets when playing. Depending on the house, the odds of throw-in will be different. Then the player conducts research to participate in the bet. The winning or losing of this bet is determined by the total number of throws that each home or away team inherits in the match. In addition, the house can run a variety of handicap odds for the whole match or bet only for the first half.

The dealer will then give an average number for players to bet Over or Under. Then the result will be calculated based on the throw-in in the match. If the number of throw-ins is more than the number predicted by the dealer, the player who bets Over will win. On the contrary in that case, if you bet Under, you will lose. If the number of throws in the match is exactly the same as the number predicted by the dealer, the draw will be and the money will be refunded.

Over/Under throw-in rules

According to betting experience with Over/Under throw-in, it is a simple side bet. But because it is not widely applied, not many experts or betting sites comment on this bet. To place a bet, the player himself then has to make his own guess and make a decision. Therefore, when playing Over and Under, players need to keep a close eye on the match and developments on the field.

According to assessments and teams in a disadvantageous position, there is always an attack to find hope for their team. Because of that, the rate of dead balls and the ball going out of bounds will also be higher. The sooner a match has a goal, the bigger the throw-in.

In addition, when playing Over/Under throw-in, players also need to pay attention to the kicking style of the two teams on the field. Usually with a team that has a long ball game, it is easy to have a border bet. Typically, it can be seen as the Iceland team, Leicester City or Cardiff City club… But this does not mean that the short throw-in teams don’t have many throw-ins. If the teammates on the field coordinate less or are more inclined to control the ball, then the throw-in will have a greater chance of occurrence. According to the assessment, the matches if there is participation from clubs such as Barca, Chelsea or Spain… Usually there are few situations where the ball goes all the way to the edge.

Notes to remember when participating in Over/Under throw-in bets

The time taken by the team to throw in first will be counted throughout the match. As long as a team receives the ball from the goal line, then this rule is no longer in effect. If no team receives the ball from the touchline, it will be a draw. When choosing the Over/Under throw-in bet, there will be 3 bets that are full-time bets and two main doors Over/Under. This bet has a calculation method that is only applied during the official kick time.

If the wrong throw-in is awarded and the wrong throw-in is re-throw, then the score is still valid. All balls from the sideline are counted in the Over/Under throw-in.

To be successful when playing Over/Under bets, players need to pay attention to identify important information. Specifically, it is the ability to score goals, players to play, history of matches, team formations … It is this information that will help players determine exactly which team is the top and which team is the door. below. This will help to bet on Over and Under more accurately. Above is the most important and necessary information about Over/Under bets.

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