Online Gaming: A Complete Guide About Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Gaming

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Online gaming is the term for playing video games over a computer network, most notably the Internet. Millions of players worldwide have made billions of dollars through battling, shopping, crafting, and trading in various online settings.

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Things you need to know about online gaming while playing

Gaming promotes cooperation and skill development as a pleasant and social way to pass the time. However, you should be aware of the following information:

  1. Online users may not always be who they claim to be. Anything that could be used to find or identify a child should be kept a secret.
  2. Some games encourage players to purchase additional items like loot boxes while playing. As a result, kids have been known to rack up hefty expenses without realizing it.
  3. Children can play and chat with people worldwide in some games. As a result, they may encounter rudeness and bullying.

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Advantages of video games

Although most non-players despise video games, many scientists and psychologists have discovered that they can have numerous positive effects. Some of these are explained below.

  • Playing video games requires risk-taking and strategic thinking. It teaches good judgment, resolution, and patience. Additionally, it aids in establishing social ties and finding new friends. Additionally, gamers learn to focus on the task until it is finished and improve their critical thinking skills.
  • It has been discovered that playing video games makes people feel better emotionally and more confidently, which is the exact opposite of how depression makes people feel.
  • A study from the American Pain Society suggests that playing video games, particularly 3D ones, may help lessen the brain’s reaction to physical pain.

Disadvantages of video games

Although playing video games might help us develop critical thinking skills, anything in excess can be harmful. The list of drawbacks to playing these games is provided below.

  • Because video games are intended to be addicting, self-control is crucial. The most inclined to game addiction are those who struggle with impulse control or trying to fit in.
  • Virtual interactions frequently take the role of live ones in video games. Video game addicts may forget their relationships with other people since they spend so much time playing games.
  • According to recent studies, every hour people spend playing virtual games increases their risk of becoming overweight. Inactivity and overplaying could cause muscle soreness. Additionally, the addiction to video games causes insomnia, which exacerbates weight.


Video games aren’t bad for you until you don’t overdo them. Enjoy your leisure time and relax with your games since you must finally win the game of life.

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