8 Natural Hand-Strengthening Therapies to Try at Home

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Overall human health is essential to everyone in society. However, the more people age, the more they face different health complications. But the problem can be experienced by any other person regardless of their age.

After seeking medical services, applying the essential exercise to help your hand heal faster and stronger is highly recommended. Home exercises also ensure to improve the hands’ strength and agility. In addition, the same hand exercise will provide your hand by improving better motor skills after a stroke.

The condition of the hands varies, and different therapies are applied as per the nature of the hand. However, hand strengthening is a known exercise that can help prevent arthritis conditions from worsening. Suppose you need some practical hand exercises to read on to find the best guidelines for your ability levels; below are the best pointers to follow.

How to Incorporate Hand-Strengthening Therapies into Your Daily Routine 

Improving the strength and agility of your hands can benefit individuals of all ages, particularly those with arthritis, after a stroke, or for general hand health. Fortunately, there are many hand-strengthening exercises that you can do at home with little to no equipment. 

To start, wrist extension and flexion exercises can stretch and strengthen the inner and outer forearm muscles. Pinching clothespins with each finger can help improve finger dexterity while playing board games or virtual instruments can help activate the brain and muscles. Hand squeezing with a softball or rolled-up socks and wrist stretching with weights are also effective exercises. 

Another simple exercise to help isolate finger movements is the pen spin, which can improve fine motor skills. It’s essential to adopt the best-preferred hand exercise for your ability levels and repeat them regularly for the best results. 

Incorporating these natural hand-strengthening therapies into your daily routine can improve hand health and prevent further complications. However, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any exercise regimen, particularly if you have an underlying medical condition. 

1. Wrist Extension

Wrist extension is one of the best hand therapy exercises you can try in the comfort of your home. It involves stretching the muscles in your inner forearm. You will be required to hold one of your arms straight out in front of your body concerning your shoulder height.

Make sure your elbow is not locked when stretching your arms out. Then, go ahead and bend your wrist back like you are stopping. After you are done with all that, use your opposite hand to pull your palm gently backward. You will feel a stretch inside your arm.

Then hold for fifteen seconds to feel the stretching effect inside your arm. Remember, after fifteen seconds, you can release and repeat the same exercise five more times. It is recommended to repeat this sequence daily up to four times,5 to 7 days. Wrist extension works well for general hand warmup stretch.

2. Wrist Flexion

This exercise is vital for stretching the outer arms muscles. The guidelines are guided simply by extending one of your arms in front of your body and shoulder height. As you continue your exercise, try not to lock your elbow when stretching your arm out.

Bend your wrist with your palm facing down so that your fingers point downwards. Then, use your other hand to pull the bent gently toward your body. You will feel a stretch in your outer arm as you do that. Hold on for 15 seconds to ensure the exercise is effective. Then, release and do the same exercise five times.

Remember to do the same exercise on your other arm. You can always use wrist flexion for warmups before doing other gripping activities.

3. Pinching Clothespins with Each Finger

To improve your finger stretch gently, grab a clothespin and pinch it using different fingers. It would be best if you started with a thumb and index finger. Then move your thumb and middle finger, pinky, and finish with the ring finger. The movement helps to facilitate your ‘tripod grip’ functions.

4. Playing Board Games

Suppose you want things to be exciting and more fun, play different board games such as chess because they all require practicing fine motor skills. For example, your brain is activated to make decisions, scan, and task sequencing as your pieces move.

5. Playing a Virtual Piano App

Playing instruments is a great home therapy hand exercise since it entails functional activity. In scenarios that you can’t afford a tool, download a virtual piano or any instrument playing app. Once you install the app on your phone or any other preferred device, you can go ahead and start practicing. This will boost your memory and activate your muscle motion.

6. Hand Squeeze

This exercise helps to work your forearm muscles. A softer rubbered ball or a rolled-up pair of socks is all you need. Holding the ball in one of your hands, you need to squeeze it for five seconds and release it. Moreover, you can repeat the exercise ten times.

After performing the three repetitions sets, swap to your other hand effectively.

7. Wrist Stretch with Weights

Wrist stretch is a hand strengthening exercise that helps you stretch flexor muscles in your forearm. All you need is a lightweight to start this exercise. The more comfortable you are, you will gradually use heavier weights.

8. Pen Spin

Have the same pen and spin it using your thumb and index finger in your comfort zone. This hand exercise will help isolate your finger movements leading to fine motor skills.


The therapies mentioned earlier help strengthen the hand muscles for better and healthy hands. However, it is the responsibility of every individual to adopt the best-preferred hand exercise for a more nourishing hand.

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