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Kinds of music is a piece of art that can give you calmness, satisfaction, and change of emotion. Music Composers play an integral part in getting the best music according to the situation created. There are more than billions of songs available on the internet nowadays, for every situation, party, function, act, drama and even there are kinds of music available for your various moods. Some outstanding music composers that you should definitely know about are discussed in this article.

Johann Sebastian Bach 

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on 31 March 1685 in Eisenach, Germany, and died on 28 July 1750 in Leipzig Germany. He was a composer from Germany and became a great musician of the era after him Maria Grever made her name just like him. His adaptation of the rhythms, textures, and forms came out as a masterpiece. Some best pieces of music given by Johann are The Brandenburg Concertos. The Goldberg Variation, The Well-Tempered Clavier, B Minor Mass, and many more. He married Anna Magdalena Bach and had 20 children with her but unfortunately only a few survived to adulthood. After 2 decades he is still alive among us because of his music. Which is termed as the greatest m-composer of all time.

Hans Florian Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is currently 64 years old and was born on 12 September 1957 in Frankfurt, Germany. His first wife was Vicki Caroline, but now he is married to Suzzane Zimmer and has four children. He is a legendary m-composer as he has composed soundtracks for some of the most popular series all over the world such as “Harry Potter”, “Inception”, and “Titanic”. His pieces of music are soulful and outstanding in spite of the fact that he is a self-taught artist. For which he has bagged various awards like Grammy Awards, BClassical BRIT Awards, AFTA, and Academy Awards. And was even named among the 100 living Geniuses all over the world.

Klaus Badelt Music

Klaus Badelt is a german composer who started his career as a writer, and producer of music. He was born on 12 June in Frankfurt, West Germany. He composed music for well-accomplished films which include “ Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl”, “The Prince Of Egypt”, and “The Thin Red Line”. And Gladiator He has given some of the best music to the world which will never be old enough. Two well-known awards he received are the ASCAP Film. And Television Music Award for Top Box Office Films and the ASCAP Film. And Television M-Award for Top Box Office Films World Soundtrack Award for Discovery of the Year. 

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Music Composer Marco Beltrami

Marco Beltrami is an American composer who was born on 7 October 1966 in New York, United States and he is married to Jill Beltrami. He is one of the renowned music composers of the 21st century as he has worked in a number of genres, including horror, action, science-fiction, and superhero such as “Score”, “Venom”, and “Scream 2” and many more. As he has worked in horror movies as a composer audience wants to see his work in Caroline 2. He has also taken home many awards for his brilliant hard work such as Sattelite Award For Best Original Score. And Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award For Outstanding M-Composer.

Music of these amusing musicians is available on YouTube as well as on Spotify you should definitely hear them out to come across some of the most beautiful songs available. I hope this article was really helpful for you in finding some of the most legendary, talented, and amazing composers. 

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