Quick 10 Minute Morning Yoga Routine for Losing Weight

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Are you up for taking the weight loss challenge? Well, here we have come up with 10 minutes morning yoga challenge to help you sweat and shed extra pounds in a few weeks. 

Note: It is advised that you practice this routine in a constant manner and also consider having a nutritious diet for having better results. Skipping sugary things can certainly be an add-on.

People looking to lose weight need to practice all the below-listed poses for at least one minute. So, let’s now get started with a journey that can bring huge change to your appearance, health, and personality. Here we go.

10 Minute Morning Yoga Routine You Must Try

Mountain Pose

Start with Mountain Pose! This is one of the best yoga asanas to reduce weight. To practice this, ground your feet and press evenly. Make sure all corners of each foot feel the same pressure. Now stretch your arms in the direction of the floor and draw your abdominals in and up. Try to get deeper into the pose by holding it for five to eight breaths. Repeat the pose for 1 minute.

Upward Salute 

Also known as Urdhva Hastasana, it is a great pose to rejuvenate and energize yourself. The yoga pose brings a plethora of benefits to your mind and body. After completing repetitions of the mountain pose, you can simply lift your arms over the head and join your palms forming the Namaste gesture. Keep the legs firm and abdominals engaged.

Warrior 1

The next pose that hits our list of 10 minute morning yoga routine is warrior 1. The pose helps the practitioner gain strength and confidence. By doing the pose, you can get connected to your inner. From the Upward Salute pose, step your left foot backward and then press it into the mat. Now, take your right knee forward. Keep the arms straight and hands open pointing the roof. Hold the pose for a few seconds and release.

Triangle Pose 

Note: Avoid doing the asana if you have back issues.

From Warrior 1, now is the time to get into Triangle pose. It is a great yoga exercise to stretch hips, knees, shoulders, thighs, vertebral column, ankles, calf, etc. Start the pose by turning yourself into the mountain pose. Once done, move your feet a little wider and shoulders width apart. Bend to the side and extend the left arm towards the left knee – palm facing down. Grab your ankle with your left hand gently. At the same time, bring your right arm upwards – facing the ceiling and form a straight line with your arms and shoulder. Hold for a few seconds and then repeat with the right arm.

Downward Dog

It is one of the most recognized yoga poses. Begin the pose by keeping yourself on all fours, hands and knees. Raise the body up and get into a table position. Extend the arms in front keeping palms facing down. Straighten your legs and the tailbone must be facing the ceiling. Beginners may bend their knees at start, no issues.

Beginners may find practicing this pose a bit difficult. For assistance, you can join an RYS academy and practice the pose under the supervision of expert yoga teachers.


Moving on, roll out to plank pose from downward dog by placing your forearms on the floor, palms facing down. Press your toes to the floor and lift your body upward. Keep head straight facing front. Your body needs to form a straight line right from head to toe.

Cobra Pose

Get out of the Plank pose by lowering your belly down and touching the floor. Form forearm plank; lift your chest up to be into cobra pose. Hold for five to eight breaths, and release. You can repeat the pose five times.

Bridge Pose

Lie on your back with knees bent. Move your feet close to your buttocks and raise your hips to form a bridge. Clutch your hands under your back on the floor. Consider lifting your body from the pubic bone instead of the navel. Finish by getting back to the floor and allowing your back to rest.

Child Pose

Fold your legs and set your hips on your heels. Bend down and let your forehead touch the floor. Extend your arms palms facing down. This will bring a stretch to your entire back. Stay for 1 minute and finish your 10 minute morning yoga challenge with Savasana. 


The last yoga pose you can include in your 10 minute morning yoga routine is Savasana. It helps you restore yourself after the practice of various yoga poses. For this, all you need to do is roll your body onto the floor. Rest your hands by your sides. Extend your legs and relax! 

Here ends our quick guide on 10-minute morning yoga routine for losing weight. We hope you gain maximum benefits from this yoga schedule. 

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