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It’s inevitable, the transition from student to grown-up becomes a reality as you near graduation. But how can you prepare for that transition better than by getting a gift for your friends who are graduating and know what it’s like to grow up? While you may want to buy them a plane ticket or old graduation cap, this post is about some other ideas that they’ll love. Besides, those gifts will probably just be left in their closet without being used! So go ahead and try these fun ideas out and see which one fits best with their personality.

Uber gift card:

If they had a car in college, there’s a high chance that they’re taking Uber or Lyft to work or school now (depending on location). If you’re not familiar with Uber and Lyft, they’re transportation services that allow users to request a private driver with the tap of a button! They’ve recently gained popularity because of their convenience in transportation. So you can buy them an Uber gift card for $20 to $150 for graduating. It’s an awesome gift because you don’t want them to be stuck hailing down cabs and getting awkward stares from strangers when they’re out during their first day out of college.

Gas gift card:

Since the gift for your friend who is graduating is about giving them a new beginning and making sure that they have everything needed, why not get them a gas gift card? It might sound like an odd gift, but if you think about it, in today’s economy where we need to save money and be efficient with our driving, someone who’s getting ready to graduate would love something as simple as a gas card. It’s important that you know what kind of car they’re driving too. You don’t want to give them gas if their car isn’t a hybrid or electric.

Clothes that will remind them of home:

If your friend is planning on working in their hometown, they can get a gift like a box of sushi or some chocolates with the return address of where they’ll be working. They might love this gift because it reminds them of home. This could also work for people who are moving to a different state for job or school. Get fantastic farewell gifts ideas for your friends and coworkers.

Anything personalized:

A Kindle with your friends’ names on the screen, a bookmark with a shortlist of the best things you want your friends to remember when they’re out and about and something customized that was made just for them, including their name or initials. For example, if they liked watching cooking shows while they were visiting, you could make them a pantograph of their favorite show that they could cook with later. Maybe even buy them a set of mugs for the person who’s leaving and for the person who’s staying.

Weather-appropriate clothes and accessories:

A new umbrella, a hat you made with your friends’ names on it, a personalized keychain for their car or backpack, a new coffee mug or water bottle and It’s always good to pick something a little more personalized that you know the friend would like, even if it doesn’t match what other people think of when they think of going away gifts. Your friends can remember you when they’re out and about with your personalized items.

Travel adapter:

One wall adapter to plug their electronics (computer, phone, tablet) into, Of course, a portable charger if they’re on the go sometimes (but what are you really giving them a power bar that can only be used at one specific place), An adaptor for their car so that they don’t have to unplug everything when they’re traveling and Most countries have free or cheap WiFi nowadays! Now might be the perfect time to get one of those.

Digital camera:

If your friend takes a lot of photos when traveling, or is just getting into photography, this is a great gift for them. You can’t go wrong with a digital camera.

Portable battery pack:

Not for every person, but it’s a great choice for someone who has a lot of devices, Best if combined with an adaptor for their car, or an extra wall outlet!

Digital tablet:

Useful in many places around the world, especially if they’re going to different countries or even continents, a tablet is better than a regular laptop because it’s lighter and easier to carry around.

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