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5 Tips to match Perfect Roof Colour for Your Home

Last Updated on May 6, 2024 by Tayyaba Shafqat

Do you want to enhance your house’s beauty?  If yes, then stay strong and search for the right time. It is tricky to get the roof colour of your choice as Selecting the right roof colour requires effort. It is a time-consuming task to find the roof colour according to the shade of your house paint. Expert residential painters in Perth always suggest to check the condition of the roof beforehand. If the condition of the roof is not good it is important to renovate the roof before going to paint it. When the roof is not in the condition to paint it. The paint will not stay on it. So, it is important to select the right colour for the roof. 

Importance of selecting the roof colour

The overall beauty of the house depends on the roof colour and it upsurges the curb appeal of your property. When you select the right colour. It will give your house an outstanding look. When you want to choose the wall colour it will be helpful to take help from the professional residential painters in Perth. Because the trained one knows how to paint and use the right equipment.

Different things that you should be noted when you are going to paint the roof such as right colour, quality of paint and the shade. If you use different tricks you can make your roof painting better.

Perfect match 

Sometimes it is difficult to find the exact paint that is used on the exterior walls. When you want to select the right colour it will match the roof colour. You should take suggestions from some professional painters in Perth that knows how to give the house an attractive look. 

But it is mostly suggested that the same colour will make the building colour dull. If you select the contrast colour with your exterior walls. It will give you a more enhanced look. But it is important to choose the colour that will go with your house not because it is eye-catching. 

Dark vs light roof colour

All the house temperature depends on the roof colour. Because different colours have different abilities to absorb the radiation. If you want to maintain your house temperature. It will be helpful to select a light colour. Because the light colour does not absorb the radiation and gives a moderate environment. 

On the other hand, the darker tone colour on the roof absorbs more radiation. Thus it is difficult to maintain the temperature of the house. The expert painters in Perth usually make advise don’t use the black colour on the top of your house. So, when you select the wall colour make it unique by selecting the lighter colour. 

Colour contrast 

If you are not a professional painter, it will be helpful to take hints from the upskill house painters in Perth. Some of the colour contrast that the professional is suggested for the use roof are given below.

  • With red house colour:  When your exterior walls are painted with red colour. It will be helpful to use grey, green and brown shade for the roofs. 
  • Light grey: The house with the light grey colour gives a unique look. But when you use dark grey, blue and white. It will increase the beauty of the house more.
  • Brown colour walls: The brown colour has a unique look. With the grey, darker shades of brown and blue will also use as the roof colour.
  • White: When you painted your exterior walls with the white colour. It will be best to use the darker colour of grey, brown and blue for the wall colour.

These are the most recommended colour contrast by trained residential in Perth. It is the most commonly used trendy colour. 

Quality of paint 

Firstly, and the most important thing that you should know about the paint is its quality. Because the roof paints have to bear a lot of weather conditions. When you use low-quality paints it is possible to repaint it. Otherwise, the good quality paint can easily use for 10 to 12 years. 

Secondly, it is up to you if you want to give your house for rent or want to sell it. It will be helpful to paint the roofs with the exterior walls. It will leave a good impression on the tenant. If you cannot buy the paint before it will be difficult to know about the quality of the paint. So, it will be beneficial to take help from experienced residential painters in Perth. 

Use of colour wheel 

The Colour wheel is the most important tool that is used by the residential painters in Perth. It is used to select the correct colour combination according to the walls. You can make your home more appealing when you have the wall colour that meets your outlook. If you are stressed that which colour will be selected for the roof. You can also use the colour wheel.


Are you worried about selecting the perfect colour for your house roof? It is not an impossible task but it is time-consuming. Because experience should be needed to select the right colour combination.

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