Interesting Information You Need To Know About Audio, Video, Translation, And Localization

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Translation plays a crucial role in adapting entertainment and business communications to today’s global marketplace. Video and audio translation have particular challenges because they use pictures or live action with sound.

Voquent is an online voiceover agency and audio production company providing audio production and translation in hundreds of languages from end to end.

Audio translation

To enrich the experience of blind and partially sighted people when watching films and other media content. If properly served, the visually impaired audience will become a niche market and loyal customer.

Translation of audio files refers to transcribed and translated audio from one language to another. Native transcriptionists produce transcriptions in timed text formats suitable for dubbing or subtitle creation.

Video translation

There are countless languages, dialects, and accents in the world! Among the top 600-700 voiceover talent, Voquent only categorizes the top 600-700. Business owners who want more customers can undoubtedly benefit from video translation.

Professional translators will adapt your text for the new language of your choice and our editors will implement the new translation into your content for new global audiences to enjoy.

Translation and Localization

The number of online translation agencies, companies, and services is staggering, making selecting a partner that understands your goals more critical. Whenever every agency offers the fastest, highest quality services by humans, everything starts to sound the same. Our expertise is in audiovisual translation. You can also use our subtitle translation service when you need to translate spoken words for eLearning.

Localization comprises translating and reworking media to make them usable in a new language. Within the scope of their localization services, many organizations are not adequately equipped to account for each element of a media project. As a production company, Voquent handles countless translations and localizations across numerous mediums and only uses human professionals to translate.


  • What is the process of a translation company?

A translation company is a service business, and customers primarily interact with the project management team.

  • What is the cost of audio translation services?

Many factors will impact the price of translation services. The original and desired language of the text will be one factor. The complexity of the source material will also impact price, such as technical or medical work. The best solution to finding an accurate price is to reach out for a quote, specific to your project and its requirements.

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