How to spot and remove Instagram ghost users — and the reasons why you should

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How to spot and remove Instagram ghost users?

It’s common to think that in the case of Instagram, the more followers you have, the more successful you are. However, that’s not always the case.

Creative Impact Collective, an organization that provides consulting services to small-business owners, has just deleted its Instagram followers by 20,000 click here. This is a quarter of its followers.

Why? Because after conducting an in-depth review of the account, the founder Fab Giovanetti discovered a surprising finding: The percentage of engagement — which is the percent of followers who interact with its posts was just 0.1 percent. The standard engagement rate for an Instagram corporate profile is 4.7 percent.

The issue? A lot of Giovanetti’s fans were not commenting or liking her posts. However, this wasn’t just because they weren’t frequent users or weren’t interested in her content — thousands weren’t even real followers. The accounts were fake that were created by bots. In essence, they were ghosts.

The chances are that your company’s Instagram may also have ghost followers, which can damage your reputation and decrease your engagement. This is why you should be aware of ghost followers and how to identify them, eliminate them, and avoid them altogether.

What exactly are Instagram ghost users?

Ghost followers are fake or inactive Instagram accounts that could follow you, increasing your overall followers count. However, they don’t interact with your posts.

Sometimes, these accounts are created by real people who don’t use their funds. However, these accounts are usually social bots with no real people behind their statements.

They exist because people are willing to purchase followers for a fee and have created an industry for followers accounts. These fake followers need to be made; however, this is typically automated.

Even if you didn’t buy them doesn’t mean that these fakes aren’t lurking within your follower number. In 2019 the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance conducted a review that included 100 top-performing Instagram accounts. It discovered that as much as 50% of funds that followed celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ariana Grande were not accurate.

“All large Instagram profiles have some percentage of ghost followers,” claims David Dundas, founder of the influencer marketing agency HelloConvo. He estimates that between 10% and 20% of brand users are fake.

What are they? How do you recognize them?

These Instagram ghost followers who are easy to identify have no profile pictures and no posts, and a large proportion of followers to people they follow. They might also have an Instagram username that looks like gibberish or is made up of a random number.

In the following example, the account is missing pictures or posts and is following more than 2,000 followers, but it doesn’t have followers. We’re likely dealing with an untrusted account.

But a fake Instagram account could indeed appear to be genuine. It could possess a more cute username and could even include real photos uploaded.

What’s the problem with ghost followers?

If you’re only concerned about the number of Instagram followers, ghost followers will not harm your account check now You may even be thankful for the increase. However, if you’re an influencer or manage an account for a brand like Giovanetti and Giovanetti, these fake followers could be detrimental to your bottom revenue.

They could damage your credibility

Anyone can influence Instagram these days simply by purchasing some followers. It’s also not unusual for companies to study an account’s followers to determine if they’re partnering with a genuine brand or a brand that will provide a good ROI.

“When we evaluate influencers on behalf of brands, we use sophisticated tools to understand the makeup of your audience,” Dundas states. “We also conduct a “spot look’ at comments posted on the posts, along with a glance at your followers to check if they’re genuine or not. If something seems odd or doesn’t appear to be real conversation in their comments, it’s not going to collaborate on behalf of the participating person.” A study by cybersecurity company Cheq estimated that false followers would cost companies $1.3 billion in 2019.

It’s why companies such as the Hello Society, a marketing firm for social media. Hello, Society now includes language in their contracts that address Instagram ghost followers.

Therefore, if you’re working alongside other brands, It’s crucial to ensure that your followers are legitimate to create and maintain a genuine and mutually beneficial relationship.

They can reduce the rate of engagement

As Giovanetti observed, Instagram ghost followers can make your content appear less attractive because fake followers aren’t interacting with your posts. As an example, suppose there are 10,000 people following you. However, you’re only getting 30 likes for each photo. In this scenario, it’s evident at a glance to any competent Instagram person that the engagement is shockingly low.

A page with many followers but a low level of engagement probably has lots of ghosts that contribute to a large number of followers. If your posts aren’t receiving enough attention from your followers and aren’t getting enough attention, they’re not likely to draw advertisers.

To determine the engagement rate for your account to determine your engagement rate, divide the number of comments and likes by the ten most recent posts you’ve received by the total followers. Then, multiply that number by 100. (engagement rate = likes + comments / followers x 100)

You can also track your engagement rates, making use of Instagram analytics.

Fewer people will be able to see your content

The algorithm of Instagram predicts the kind of content people want to see on their feeds based on the content they’ve shared and liked in the past. It’s also more likely to show content based on its popularity.

If your company releases a new product and the post gets lots of engagement, then the algorithm will likely show the blog post on more of your follower’s feeds.

However, if a post doesn’t garner many comments or likes, it will not have as much impact because Instagram’s algorithm determines that it isn’t relevant to users’ needs.

If your account has many ghost followers who aren’t engaging with your posts, This lack of engagement can affect your post’s visibility.

This could result in an endless cycle of engagement rate declines, which means fewer people view your posts. The fewer people who view your content means, the more your engagement rate is likely to decrease.


What is a ghost spot on Instagram?

A ghost spot on Instagram is a term used to refer to a location on the platform that does not have any activity or engagement. Essentially, it is a place where there are no likes, comments, or views on posts. Ghost spots may occur for a variety of reasons, including low visibility due to algorithm changes or simply lack of interest in the content.

While having a ghost spot on Instagram may not seem like a big deal, it can actually have a significant impact on an account’s overall performance. If a large portion of an account’s posts are not receiving any engagement, the algorithm may view the account as less relevant and show it to fewer people. This can lead to a decline in followers and overall reach.

To avoid ghost spots on Instagram, it is important to focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience. Engaging with your followers and using relevant hashtags can also help increase visibility and reach on the platform. By putting in the effort to create engaging content and actively engaging with your audience, you can avoid ghost spots and build a strong, engaged following on Instagram.

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