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Maybe that is getting a CRM and talking to your customers regularly, or engaging them via an email campaign or social media. Email marketing is a great way to engage with new visitors in your business, and also maintain relationships with existing customers. Email marketing is a simple, free, and scalable way to connect with new and existing customers. Tagging your repeat customers, brand evangelists, or even nearby businesses and vendors on social media can increase the organic reach of your business to new potential audiences, helping to build a following, and possibly even gain you more customers. As mentioned above, happy customers can make a huge impact on your business, mostly through repeated purchases and word-of-mouth. Offering great customer service helps you to generate more sales, repeat customers, as well as builds strong relationships with your customers.

Providing prospects with high-level education and customer service ensures they are using the product or service correctly, and getting maximum value from the product or service, increasing your chances of selling. If you make it your goal to provide value for customers and prospects (beyond simply selling them), you not only figure out how to drive sales, gain repeat business, and have happier customers; you will achieve a less volatile sales process as well. To improve sales in your company, focus on customers and switch your focus to increasing sales productivity instead of margins.
If you want to improve sales, you need to shift focus from getting new customers to getting those who tried out your product or service to buy again, and learning to retain all buyers. Maintaining a current customer that consistently purchases $20K in products is saving your company money. For instance, spending $100,000 on a promotional campaign to acquire 10 new customers means each customer costs your company $10,000.
Marketing certainly impacts sales, but it cannot solely drive sales growth, as you are focusing on only the new customers, and forgetting to maximize your existing customers. Running sales and marketing promotions only to your existing customers is a good way to reward them for their loyalty and business. Scheduling your promotions as runs makes your current customers eagerly anticipate each, increasing your engagement and growing sales. For instance, consider offering benefits and rewards for customers who honor you regularly with their business. While there is not just one way to get customers engaged, small businesses can score big brownie points with loyalty programs, you can go here.
Since prospects are already familiar with your existing products or services, you may have to pack your offerings differently in order to convert these prospects to customers. At a minimum, you could reference businesses with each other, but you could also look for ways to collaborate in order to provide your customers with a unique packaged offer.
If you can provide a wide variety of services for your existing customers, you will be more vital to their businesses. It is essential that customers choose your company over others, by maximising on high quality, unique, innovative products that are capable of surpassing the similar outputs in the market.
One of the secrets of improving sales happens when you share results with your prospects, this allows them to see how they can grow and expand their operations or meet their individual needs; this makes them more comfortable buying the things that you are selling as they are seeing results. Once you collect results, you can either convert the study into a press release that is worth reporting on, or you can use data in a good old fashioned way in your marketing to make improvements in the offering of your company as a whole.


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