How to Style Your Toe Rings in Peep Toe Heels

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Peep toe heels are one of the fashionable footwears for women, creating a buzz in the fashion industry. As the name suggests, these shoes are open a little at the toes and are elevated at the back with tapering heels. Due to this open-toe box in these heels, your toes are clearly visible, and you can easily show off your designer toe rings. But how? Here is the blog post that will walk through how to add some extra flair of style to your overall appeal with toe rings. Before that, let’s discuss some of the major reasons of every woman should need peep toe heels in their wardrobe.

Why Should You Need Peep Toe Heels in Your Shoe Wardrobe? 

Here are just a few reasons mentioned as follows: – 


The peep toe heels were born in the 1930s and 1940s as a pump, and without any mention, they look stylish and elegant when women carry themselves with their outfits. Since these decades, women’s toe exposure was not only become a fashion faux pas, but it becomes a taboo also. And that’s the reason they are classy all the way.  

Appealing Factor 

No matter whether you wear Indian ethnic or modern styles of outfits, open-toe heels always enhance the style quotient of your personality.  


The peep toe shoes can work easily in the transition of seasons. Whether you want to add an attractive appeal in winter with your leather jacket or in summer with your tank top, they are the perfect footwear to grab on! 

Assortment of Designs 

From neutral shades to bold hues and in multiple patterns, you can find various ranges of designs in peep toe shoes.  

Understanding now how to style your toe rings with peep toe heels is not at all a challenge, but here are key aspects to keep in mind. 

How to Style Your Toe Rings?

Comfort is Essential 

Before jumping into the content of styling the toe rings, you must learn how to wear them properly. They should fit between the base of the toe and the first knuckle. The toe rings are available in different shapes and sizes to fit in differently with everyone’s toe. So, select the one according to your foot. Keep in mind it shouldn’t be too loose that they slide off nor too tight that your blood circulation is cut off. Your toe ring should be able to move a bit if you turn it in order to accommodate when your foot swells. If you notice any discomfort in your toe, such as if it looks blue or tingling, take off the toe ring immediately. They should be able to turn and even slide a bit on your toe. Make sure your feet should be both comfortable and stylish at the end of the day. 

Adjustable V/s Fixed Toe Rings 

As the name refers, you can easily adjust your toe rings according to your toe in adjustable toe rings. Also, they are easy to wear and remove. In contrast, fitted toe rings don’t have an option of adjusting, and it may be harder to take off when your foot swells or doesn’t fit at all. Therefore, ensure to choose the quality of the toe rings that fit your toe of the right size.  

Show Off Your Toes 

The main purpose of wearing toe rings is to show it off. Avoid wearing socks or shoes that cover your toes completely. Otherwise, no one can see what you are wearing.  

Plan Out Your Outfit Well 

You can wear them with peep toe heels or any sandals and jeans to give a boho appeal. The heels and a nice dress can also give you a party or fancy look. In the end, make sure your overall appeal blends well together.  

Taking Care of Toe Rings is a Must 

Just like other pieces of accessories and jewellery, your toe ring care is a must. If you are going swimming or spa, make sure you remove them. Remember, it doesn’t get wet, as they may tarnish. If it happens to get wet in the heavy rains, then ensure you immediately dry it with a soft cloth.  

Final takeaway 

No matter what your heels or footwear preference is, there is a pair of peep toe heels available online that make sure to fit your induvial personality. These types of heels are the thing that will complete your wardrobe and can be the game changer if you style them correctly to show off your favorite toe rings.  

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