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How to Increase Instagram Followers Instagram

Last Updated on March 31, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Make sure you use the correct keywords

To be able to draw fans, you need to be searchable. Your username and name contribute to the way you appear in search results. Click here, It is essential to be consistent with your username on other social networks.

Making a relevant phrase in your title can increase the chances of success in search results. There are 30 characters in your name, so don’t be afraid to incorporate that keyword into the name field.

For example, personal stylist Michelle Addison @michelleaddisonstyle includes the keyword “style” in her Instagram name, increasing the chance that those looking for style and fashion advice will find her.

Instagram bio with links to business information and a business profile

Use the appropriate hashtags

Instagram users can also follow hashtags just the like they follow users. Therefore, if you want to gain many more fans on Instagram, you must think about the hashtags your intended followers are likely to follow and include them in your posts.

You may add 30 hashtags to your blog post, but you must ensure they’re relevant to your image or product. The hashtags that are targeted will draw an engaged crowd. Beware of gimmicks such as #followme, #likeforlike, etc., since they will only attract those who only follow you to be tracked back.

Photographer @vas_photographs has used hashtags such as #publicart and #sculpture in an Instagram post that showcased the work of art that he found.

Instagram caption with hashtags that include hashtags

Get the most out of your Instagram bio

Three out of two visits to Instagram businesses’ profiles come from people who aren’t followers. Does this sound like an opportunity? Does it not?

To make a successful follow button click, you must have a concise, clear, and compelling profile (and your website, if connecting to one). Utilize the 150 characters on your profile to welcome potential customers to the brand you represent. Provide them with an idea of what they are likely to get from your content and why they should follow you.

Suppose you’ve got an account for a creator or business on Instagram. In that case, it is possible to include additional information in your profile, such as your contact details, your business’s name, and even your location. Utilize all fields you can, as the more information your followers can access, the more likely they’ll be to follow your account.

Find out more about how you can enhance the quality of your Instagram bio:

Use all of your existing social media accounts

Your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are a group that you can change to Instagram followers.

Include the URL on the Instagram account on other social media profiles, and offer your followers an incentive to visit it. You could provide an Instagram unique coupon code or organize a giveaway to get more people to sign up. You can also post your most popular Instagram content as a preview to show what new users might be expecting.

But don’t stop at social channels. Include an Instagram link on the profile on Instagram. Please have it in your Instagram account on your business’s website or your email signature and online newsletters.

Incorporate Instagram posts into your blog posts
If you run websites or blogs with visual content such as charts, images, or information graphics (like the ones here), you can try embedding Instagram content in a few of your posts. An embed that can be clicked, such as the one below, provides an interactive experience and could drive traffic to your Instagram account.

Create Instagram Reels

Reels (TikTok’s rival format) have been Instagram’s top child in the past few months.

The Instagram algorithm favors Reels on the Explore page. The short videos are also available on specific tabs in the app. Users can browse through an endless stream of Reels selected by an algorithm that best suits their personal preferences and interests.

Because of Instagram’s efforts to expose Reels to as wide a range of people as possible, this content format offers you the chance to connect with people who don’t already follow your Instagram account.

If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of content, you should check out Hootsuite’s beginners’ guide to using Reels in business.

Share content you’ve written that’s worth sharing

When planning your Instagram posts, users will frequently share what they enjoy, such as an inspirational quote or an interesting infographic.

When an Instagram user shares your feed on the Instagram Story, their followers can click on your profile. It’s an excellent way to be introduced to a new crowd and another way to get new followers.

Try to join the Explore page

Instagram advertises its Explore page as the best place “to discover photos and videos that you may enjoy from accounts you don”t subscribe to.” People indeed utilize it to look around. More than half of Instagram accounts go to their Explore tab. Each month.

The Explore tab is where Instagram posts are displayed Stories, Reels, and other posts. Users are first presented with the content grid selected from Instagram’s algorithm. Instagram algorithm. They can go deeper into particular content topics through the topics channels on the page’s upper right-hand side.

The Explore page by clicking upon the magnifying glass symbol located at the bottom of your screen within the Instagram application.

Screenshots from the Instagram Explore page. Instagram Explore page
Find out more information about how to join the Instagram Explore website.

Follow the relevant accounts

If you follow another Instagram user who has similar content to yours, You can expect them to review your feedback. If they’re impressed by your feed, they’ll be a follower.

Instagram can provide recommendations about who to follow via Instagram’s “Suggested For You” section. It’s available in the feed between posts within Instagram or on the right-hand side of your screen when you’re using Instagram on your desktop.

Another method to determine which accounts are to follow is to click the three bars on the right side and then select Discover People. Here, you’ll see an array of relevant Instagram accounts compiled using the Instagram algorithm exclusively for you. (Keep your eyes on the aspects that impact your reputation with Instagram is the ratio of the number of followers you have to the number of users who follow your back.)

If you want increase your engagement: Buy YouTube Subscribers UK

If you’re looking to target the proper accounts to follow and identify the creators whom your followers will enjoy, try social listening. trial:

Find influencers that are relevant to your business

It would help if you determined which influencers your target audience trusts and then worked with them.

For instance, digital artist @camilla_akerberg, an influencer, is ideal for getting in touch with if you’re working in the fitness field or want to advertise your luxury travel brand or even your hotel.

An example of an Instagram influencer’s profile
Go through Hootsuite’s comprehensive guide to marketing using influencers.

Collaboration with other brands

In addition to your influencer marketing, You should also think about working with brands that serve your intended public (but aren’t competitors).

You can, for instance, organize a giveaway for both your audiences and give away items and services from both businesses for the prize. Promote the giveaway across the accounts of all brands participating and encourage the participants to follow all the involved brands in the contest. This allows you to reach out to other companies’ Instagram audiences excitingly and organically.

Posting at the most convenient times

And when is, you might be asking?

Your target audience could be the most active on social media outside of your working hours. Utilize a tool such as Hootsuite Analytics to identify the most optimal time to publish, a.k.a. discover when you’re the most likely to get noticed by many users and increase engagement. Make sure to schedule your content in advance so that your posts are always timed perfectly for weekends and holiday weekends.

Create a giveaway or contest

The act of asking for someone to follow you might be too pushy. However, don’t if you’re willing to give them something.

Giveaways and contests are the perfect way to bring an engaged, new audience to your page. The simple “follow to win” formula is effective in its own right. However, it is also worth asking users to include a friend’s information by leaving a comment. This way, your current followers can have the chance to introduce their networks to your business.

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