How much does it cost to rent a luxury car in Dubai?

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Dubai has a luxurious life. The roads, the infrastructure is just one could die for. The excitement of new life in Dubai is exceptional. People visit Dubai to explore the craziness that this city provides. Many people do not have enough resources to buy luxury cars, but that does not mean they have to feel sad about that. Those who love to have good a luxury car will be in love with the beauty that they will get from Luxury car rental near me, by renting luxury cars.

We are known for the best service provider, because we provide the best quality and services to our customers. We have different types of collection of the cars like sports car, luxury car, SUV, convertible car, all types of cars are available.

The brands that we provide are:




Rolls Royce



Range Rover










How much rental car costs in Dubai?

Further we discuss few of luxury cars with their specification rental cost. So, you can have an idea about luxury cars and sports car rental near me.

Porsche specification and rental cost:

Ride quality is flawless and body movements are superbly kept in check by the air spring suspension with adjustable damping. Handling is enhanced by the available four- wheel steering system and quicker steering rate. The cars have already proved astonishingly super smart given their weight of over two metric tons. That’s because the93.4-kWh battery is mounted under the cabin, effectively lowering the center of gravity. However, you will enjoy doing it on a track, If you want to drive the Taycan to the limit.

Porsche has 5-seater with horsepower 670. you can rent this car at around 29,50 AED / day.

Mercedes Benz specification and rental cost:

Ride quality is perfect and body developments are sublimely held in line by the air spring suspension with variable damping. Dealing with is upgraded by the accessible four-wheel directing framework and faster guiding proportion. The vehicles demonstrated incredibly agile given their weight of more than two metric tons. That is on the grounds that the 93.4-kWh battery is mounted under the lodge, successfully bringing down the focal point of gravity. To stretch the Taycan to the edge, you’ll need to do it on a track.

G63 first edition has 5-seater with 577 horsepower. You rent this car in 2,100 AED / day.

Ferrari specification and rental cost:

F8 spider. It is an extraordinaire addition to the Ferrari family, with strong machine and luxurious innards. The sports auto is an ideal fit, allowing two passengers and 2 medium-sized bags to easy trip along the fast and dynamic roadways of Dubai. The super sports-car comes with advanced technology features, starting from a controlled audio system, push- button ignition, adaptive voyage control, to leather seats and climate control are the best.

You can rent this car in approx. 45,000 AED to 6000 AED / Day.

Roma has two seats with horsepower 612. you get this car in 35,80 to 4000 AED.

Ferrari Tributo has 4 seats with horsepower 710. And you can rent this in 35,80 AED / day.

Rolls Royce specification and rental cost:

It is no fair thing to lease Rolls Royce in Dubai; nonetheless, it merits the show. While going in Dubai, you really want a vehicle that fits the excess of the city, to ensure it fits the right scene – and what can be preferable over a Rolls Royce Apparition, grabbing each attention? Lease this choice celebrity extravagance vehicle and get acquainted with driving a profoundly noteworthy and strong games car for your whole stay.

This car has 5-seater with 536 horsepower. Your car this car rent in approx. 21,000 AED / day.

You can reach out to us for more details and deals as per your budget and needs.

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