How Long is the Typical Holy Land Tour?

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Whether you’re interested in visiting the Holy Land for religious purposes or simply because it’s always been on your bucket list, there are many ways to go about ensuring that you see all of the absolute best attractions while you’re there. Many people who opt to visit the Holy Land plan their own trips, but since they’re not familiar with the area and its vast history, they often miss out many of the most amazing sites. Going on a tour with a professional agency is your best bet, and it can also save you some money, as well. Some people wonder how long the typical Holy Land tour is.

The Length of the Typical Holy Land Tour

In order to visit and experience all the important highlights of the Holy Land tour, it typically takes about eight days. Of course, there are shorter and longer tours, but choosing the best tour requires you to determine what your budget is as well as the amount of time you have. What’s included in a standard eight-day tour to the Holy Land? During such an excursion, you can expect to see the following main Holy Land sites, and more:

  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Via Dolorosa
  • Nazareth
  • Bethlehem

This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list of top attractions to visit while in the Holy Land. Your tour agency will plan an itinerary that includes all these locations, and more. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the itinerary provided by your tour agency, you may have the option of customizing a vacation, if you like. Contact the tour agency of your choice for specific details and more.

What is Included in Most Holy Land Tours Besides the Attractions?

Most Holy Land tours will include a number of meals as well as your hotel accommodation. You can also count on receiving transportation to and from the airport. Of course, there will always be the option to purchase your own meals if you want something instead of or in addition to what is offered. You will also undoubtedly want to purchase souvenirs while you’re on vacation, and you might even want to pay extra to participate in events that are outside what is on your itinerary.

This is fine, as there will be many attractions you will likely be interested in, which you can enjoy during any spare time that you have, when you’re not participating in activities that are part of your tour. If you choose the proper tour guide, it will be very unlikely that you will have time to participate in activities outside what’s been planned by the tour agency.

What to Expect from a Tour to the Holy Land

When investing in a professional tour to the Holy Land, you will likely have high expectations, as you should. Your Holy Land tour should make you feel complete and as if you haven’t missed out on anything during your vacation. For some people, touring the Holy Land is a once-in-a-lifetime event, which means that people visiting the Holy Land the first and only time must be as fulfilling as possible. The right professional tour company will ensure that your time is used wisely and that all the main attractions are included.

How to Choose the Best Tour for the Holy Land

In order to choose the best tour agency to plan your trip to the Holy Land, you will need to determine what your budget is, how much time you have to spend in the Holy Land, as well as which specific activities you want to participate in while in the Holy Land. Once you have figured this out, you can begin researching the different tour agencies that offer the tour that you’re seeking. Make sure that the agency you opt to plan your trip with has experience and has a positive track record for providing enjoyable and completely fulfilling tours to the Holy Land and similar destinations.

Smart Ways to Ensure your Tour Goes Well

When going on a Holy Land tour, you’re obviously investing quite a bit of money to experience a wonderful, religious and historical destination. Therefore, you want to ensure that your tour goes as positively as possible. One smart way to ensure that your tour goes well is to refrain from taking small children with you. If you have small children, then you owe it to yourself to obtain adequate childcare so you can fully enjoy the entire experience. Small children aren’t very likely to enjoy going on religious tours, as they aren’t geared towards children.

Another smart way to ensure that your tour goes well is to plan ahead, so you can dress appropriately. Keep track of the local forecast so you can bring weather-appropriate gear. Dress in layers, because you never know when you’ll become too hot or too cold. If you’re wearing layers, then you can easily remove a layer or two if you become too warm. Alternatively, if you become chilly later on, you can easily put the layers back on.

Furthermore, be sure to ask your tour agency for clarification in advance if you’re not sure about something. You want to make sure that you follow all the rules that the tour agency gives you. These rules are necessary for your safety as well as to make certain that nothing prevents you from having a magnificent experience.

So, if it has been your dream to visit the Holy Land, then you should choose the best tour agency to help make your dream a reality. It makes no sense to travel all the way to the Holy Land and not see all the best sites, and a top-notch tour agency can ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

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