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Have Any Kind of Fuel or Oil With 123 Oil

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

HVO fuel

HVO fuel is the fuel that is the paraffinic bio-based liquid that is extracted from biological sources mainly from vegetable oil such as rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, palm oil, and animal fat. It can be used as a great alternative to diesel.

It can be used in its pure form or with a mixture of fuel diesel. This kind of fuel is way better than mineral-based fuel diesel. If we look a little at the scientific explanation of diesel fuel then we got to know that diesel is one of many products of petroleum.

This contains long chains of hydrocarbons which on combustion by the engine release many toxic gases the air that stays in the air for quite a while and affect the surrounding air. Many of these gases are greenhouse gases that capture the heat and don’t let it reflect in space.

This causes abnormal heating of the place. Anyways, with this Hvo Fuel not only the problem of air contaminants is decreased, but also it is way more effective than conventional diesel fuel. So, this type of fuel is the perfect fit for any diesel fuel running the engine. Whether it’s a vehicle or a machine this fuel can do the job in the same way as any diesel fuel does.

Waste oil

Every day almost amounts of tons waste oil are disposed of in various water bodies. This ratio is increasing with each passing day. And as the environmental problems are getting severe with time water pollution is caused.

Because such oil disposal without any regulatory measures is becoming a serious problem. Many organizations are working to rectify the effects of such activities on the environment, but regardless of such efforts by them we as a part of society are not playing our part which worsens the situation.

To play our part in conserving our environment we at 123 oil come up with the idea of providing the service to our clients where they can change their oil and leave the responsibility of waste oil to us. This way they can prevent the contamination of their nearby water body and play their part in protecting Mother Nature.

Waste oil

On the other hand, we will treat this wasted oil to the extent that it no longer be harmful to the environment. So, if you want to be a responsible citizen and play your part in a conserving environment then feel free to reach us anytime.

Sustainable fuel

Sustainable is just a word but it holds deep meaning. The concept of sustainability here is using the fuel that produces the least number of by-products upon combustion. People, in general, think that every kind of fuel produces the same number and the same type of contaminants but this is not the case.

Some fuels produce more contaminants than others. For instance, some fuels are not refined while they were in the separating channel so they have more contamination as a result of which they produce way more contaminants than the fuels that are refined perfectly. Especially the fuels that are made of biological materials can be the game-changer.

As Waste Oil is also the fuel that is derived from vegetable oil it could be used as a great alternative as a sustainable fuel. This fuel is way better than conventional diesel. It can help in achieving the zero-emissions target that is adopted by various countries worldwide. Though the formation of this fuel is a bit expensive that is worth it. This fuel has great adaptability. It can be used in almost all diesel engines. It is an environment-friendly alternative to mineral-based diesel fuel. 

People are not sure about the efficiency of this fuel but recent studies proved that it is equally efficient as diesel is. Though it cost almost 10% more than the mineral diesel cost, that is understandable because of its expensive production facility.

In the long run, this cost is nothing if it is saving our environment. If you want to have the best quality fuel of any type for your vehicle or your factory machines we can help you with that. So, reach us anytime we would be glad to help you.

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What is fuel oil 1 and 2?

Fuel oil is a type of liquid petroleum that is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings to fuel boilers, engines, and other combustion equipment. Fuel oil is typically categorized into two types, known as fuel oil 1 and fuel oil 2. Fuel oil 1, also known as residual fuel oil, is a viscous and heavy liquid that is produced from the residual materials left over after the refining of crude oil. It is primarily used in large industrial boilers and power plants that require a high energy density fuel source.

On the other hand, fuel oil 2, also known as distillate fuel oil, is a lighter and cleaner fuel oil that is produced by distilling crude oil. It has a lower sulfur content and is more commonly used in small commercial and residential boilers, generators, and heating equipment. Fuel oil 2 is also used in transportation industries as a fuel for diesel engines.

While both fuel oil 1 and fuel oil 2 have their respective uses, fuel oil 2 is generally considered a more environmentally friendly option due to its lower sulfur content and cleaner burning properties. The use of fuel oil in various industries and applications has become a crucial component in the world’s energy mix, with ongoing efforts to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

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