The Top 5 Best Gym Centres in Singapore for Soldier Training

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When it comes to preparing for a career in the military, there are a lot of requirements that every prospective soldier must meet. Not only do they need physical fitness, they also need to be mentally fit. There is no better way to become mentally fit than by participating in training. Whether you are an athletic person or not, there are gyms that suit everyone.

Even though the majority of Singaporeans do not have a regular gym membership, the amount of fitness centers in Singapore is still quite high. Therefore, that does not mean that you need to live in the city to get in shape. There are plenty of gyms out in the country too that can help you get in shape. Here are the top 5 best gym centers in Singapore for soldier training.

1. The National Physical Training Center

The National Physical Training Center is an extensive facility located in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia. It is home to the “Malaysian Military Physical Recruiting Center,” which is the venue for all conscripted Malaysian soldiers to undergo basic military training.

The NPMTC also serves as a training center for Malaysia’s special forces and commando units, as well as the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency. The center is divided into three main sections: the Basic Military Training Center, the Special Forces Training Center, and the Maritime Enforcement Training Center.

2. Cavalry Fitness

Cavalry Fitness is a modern gym located in Dempsey Avenue, Singapore. They offer group classes, personal training, and group fitness programmes to help members achieve the body they want. They also offer a free 12-week fat loss program.

3. The Tang Tower gym in Henderson Waves

The Tang Tower gym in Henderson Waves is located at The Address, Henderson Waves, Singapore. They have a modern gym that offers both Relifesports equipment and classes for members to use. There are also Premium Memberships for those looking for added benefits.

4. The Centralized Comprehensive Training Center

The Centralized Comprehensive Training Center is located at Changi Base (North) Camp, Singapore. They are a military facility with the primary function of providing training support for the Singapore Armed Forces and other national agencies.

5. The Serangoon Park gym in Serangoon

The Serangoon Park gym in Serangoon is located in Singapore at 10 Serangoon Central. It is a popular gym that is often crowded. They offer varied classes and equipment such as dumbbells, steppers, and ellipticals to help members achieve their fitness goals. There is also a cafe on site to help you refuel after your workout.


The best part about the best gym centers in Singapore for soldier training is that you don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy their facilities. You can attend as many classes, use the equipment, or just relax and meet new people, even if you’re not in shape.

Gym facilities across Singapore are well maintained and equipped to cater to the needs of even the most amateur of members. With an ever-growing population, finding a good gym can be a real challenge.

These are the top 5 best gym centers in Singapore for soldier training, so you can get back to training and get in shape.

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