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Greenways to Cool Your Home 

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Global warming is one of the most significant environmental challenges that affect the health and existence of humans. These changes result from the high consumption of fossil fuels, causing the earth’s temperature to rise. This article will discuss greenways to cool your homes, such as the best heating and air conditioning Denver CO services.

Use dark curtains 

When you leave your windows open all day, the rays of sunlight heat the house, causing your air conditioning unit to work extra hard to keep the house cool and comfortable. Installing blackout curtains will prevent the sun’s rays from heating your room by absorbing the sun’s rays. Always make sure that you close the curtains before going out in the morning to prevent the heat from the sun from heating your house.

Use ceiling fans 

During summer, the air inside and outside the house is usually warmer during the day, causing the temperature to rise. But at night, when the temperature drops, the idea of using a ceiling fan is to remove the indoor air and replace it with outside air as the fan rotates. This can only be achieved when the windows are left open for air to circulate in the room. Ceiling fans help cool the air inside the house and reduce the carbon dioxide level in the place.

Use power-intensive appliances only at night. 

Appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, dryers, and microwaves are culprits of heat emitters. When you use them during the day there, they generate a lot of heat, causing the air around to heat up. Use them at night instead, because the temperature will have dropped and less heat is circulated in the air.

Plant trees and flowers 

This is another way of cooling your home naturally. Since plants need carbon dioxide to survive, they consume hot air through respiration and add humidity to the atmosphere through transpiration, which helps to cool down the room. Also, since some trees have broad leaves, they help to block incoming sun rays from entering your home.

Unplug every electronic device when not in use 

Some electronic devices generate heat when they are not in use. Such appliances include televisions, laptops, mobile chargers, etc. They always ensure that you unplug these devices when they are not in use. This will save you from high electric bills and heat generated by these appliances.

Install roof vents 

Houses designed with an attic usually trap hot, still air trapped within the home. As the upper part of the house becomes hot, every other area in the house becomes warmer. Air vents help remove trapped air from inside the house, thereby reducing the heat in the house.

Use air humidifier 

Before using an air humidifier, ensure that you are not using vaporizers because they can cause the room to heat up instead. With a mist humidifier, you can retain the wetness of the air all day long. For outstanding results, add a little ice into the reservoir.


Keeping your cool without adding to global warming is possible. Using natural and easy methods such as planting flowers and trees around the house and using dark curtains are several ways of cooling the home. Also, you may consider heating and air conditioning units for this purpose.

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