5 Great Gifts for the Pen and Paper Lover in Your Life

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From business executives to bookworms, most of us have a friend with an affinity for writing instruments and the paper to use them on. Sometimes, these friends, family members, or coworkers are a little more difficult to surprise with a thoughtful and original gift. No worries, here are the best five gifts for the pen and paper lover you know.

Desk Organizer

There are dozens of styles for you to choose from when you look into these practical and pleasant gifts. They’re typically made out of wood, metal, or composite materials. Aluminum, press-wood, and leather are among the most popular.

Desk organizers feature small shelves, drawers, and variously sized compartments. They’re small enough to fit on almost any style of desk, hence the name. Each of the compartments is intended to keep specific types of items compartmentalized, Pens, folders, notebooks, paperclips, push pins, and many other office items can find a home in a desk organizer.

There are also many design styles available. Some are made to hang on the side of a desk. Some sit on top, straight and level, some have a spinning base. Others fit into a corner of a desk. The best organizer is the one that will be most helpful in keeping a desk tidy.

Pen Bundle

While a pen set may seem like an over-done gift, there are plenty of gift sets that include high-end writing instruments. The thing that makes these sets original in comparison is they include more than just pens. Furthermore, the writing utensils in some gift bundles like these aren’t regular pens. They may be calligraphy pens, highlighters, pencils of different types, or pens that write in different colors of ink. Additional items that you might see in these kits include:

  • Watches
  • Wallets
  • Letter Openers
  • Keychains
  • Notepads
  • Business Card Holders


Sets of cards with matching envelopes are an elegant and thoughtful gift. You can find multiple card sizes in different stationery sets, although the most common sizes are three by five inches and five by seven.

You can even order personalized stationery for men or women. Color, monograms, foiling, embossing, and font style are only a few ideas to consider in customized sets. You could even go the extra mile and have coordinating address labels printed to match the stationery set you choose.

Planner or Journal

Planners are great gifts for those who want to stay on top of everything, and who strive for exceptional organization. There are monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly planners available. Most of them are already dated for the current and upcoming years. However, you can also find dateless planners in any layout style that dated planners are available in.

Journals, alternatively, are less structured. They tend to simply be blank books for one to fill with anything he or she may desire. There are a few different types of page formats that you can get in journals. Wide or narrow lines on the page are known as ruled journals. Grid pages look like graphing paper. Dot-grid or dotted journals are similar except they only have tiny dots at what would be the corners of the squares on actual grid paper. You can also find journals with blank white, unprinted pages, or special page types like bars of measures for sheet music.

Some planners and journals focus on a specific aspect of life that someone may be passionate about or wish to improve. Things like fitness, finance, mentality, goal-success, relationships, and countless others have become topics that some planners and journals are created to cater to. Many such topics even have guided planners and journals for the added encouragement to boost that can-do attitude.

Subscription Box for Writers

Most of these types of monthly or bi-monthly boxes include items like pens and pencils, or other writing instruments along with a broad spectrum of book genres, snacks or trinkets, tea, coffee, or various office supplies or writing tools.

Many of these subscriptions require a three or six-month subscription commitment but they are also relatively low cost. The coolest part of these subscriptions is that each order comes with new surprises.

Did this list give you any ideas for the pen and paper lover you know? What would you add to this list?

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