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Garage Soft Roof Repair

There are several basic universal types of materials used to protect the roof from leaks. They have more than ten years of service life, strength, and resistance to mechanical stress. Such features are common to roll and coating waterproofing options, ideal for a garage. Garage covering and modern roll roofing materials are often used.

Use of TechnoNIKOL roll materials for roof repair

“TechnoNIKOL” is a rolled material for different waterproofing types of roofs. The canvas structure consists of several layers, and the bottom layer is bitumen, which melts during installation and ensures the thorough stability of the canvas. We can have an expert team of roofing contractors in Dublin; they can give you an extra beautiful roof with your own choice.

This material is best for a concrete roof, but it can also be used on a wooden roof with an integral crate. Roll coating “Technonicol” consists of several layers, the least of which is bituminous. The following steps are required to apply this material to concrete roofs:

Once the leveling layer has dried, work can continue. Before starting work, dirt and old coverings must be removed from the roof.

Next, a small portion of the roll is rolled from the corner of the roof, and, using a gas burner or a building hairdryer, the bottom of the web is heated, rolling out the roll as needed. When mounting on a pitched roof, safety wires must be used.

After installation, each strip is rolled with a roller. It is necessary for a good fit of the surface material. Each subsequent strip must be placed with an overlap of about 8 cm over the previous one. Thus, the canvases are mounted on two or three levels. In the parapet area, the lower layer is raised by 25 cm and the upper layer by 5 cm. All joints are insulated with a special bituminous tape.

Gidroizol Coating For Garage Roof

The technology that works with liquid “Gidroizol” has the following features:

The surface of a concrete or wooden roof is cleaned of dust and dirt, which increases the adhesion of the composition.

A clean surface is primed with a primer based on hydrosol and allowed to dry for 3 hours.

Before use, the composition should be diluted with a solvent ratio of 1:10.

The main stages of roll material use:

First, they clean the surface, make a concrete screed on the roof of the slab, and dry it.

During the mechanical installation of canvas on a pitched roof, the material is rolled along the bottom of the roof and fixed with staples and a stapler. Some of the Roofers Dublin can get from your local company. Subsequent sheets are laid at the bottom with an overlap of about 10 cm, and the joints are coated with bituminous mastic.

The heating installation method is optimal for flat roofs and is performed according to the TechnoNIKOL waterproofing method. The roll is gently rolled over the surface, and the bottom of the web is heated, pressing it with a roller.

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