How to Find the Right MI TV For Your Specific Needs?

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TVs are great companions as you can spend a great deal of time watching content that delights you. Modern TVs have evolved from being a content source to content enhancers, and you can actually improve the content on these futuristic devices.

If you have the mode on, you can have a better experience of watching any content that you have on a storage device. A MI TV is best to buy if you want to upgrade your TV experience.

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What’s Unique in a Mi TV?

Let us look at some features that you can expect from these TVs.

· Data Saver Mode:

You need this feature in your 65-inch LED TV because you do not want to stop watching a thriller just because the data limit is over. Mi claims that users can watch up to three times more with the data saver mode on in their TVs. The TV also alerts you when the data usage has crossed a certain limit so that you may take necessary measures.

· Mi Remote:

This is the feature that gives Mi TVs the edge over other brands. You can control your TV directly from your Mi smartphone via the Mi Remote app available for free on the Google Play Store.

· Light Theme:

Instead of going for the conventional dark mode, it has the program information in the light mode (Patchwall 2.0) while the settings are in the dark mode. Thus, the former pops up and makes it easier for your eyes.

· Choose the Default Source:

· Turn Off the Screen:

Since most 65-inch LED TVs have multiple HDMI ports, it becomes necessary to adjust the suitable mode every time you access content from a different source. You must have a source that you use the most, and you can set that as your default source so that you do not need to manually change sources. This is especially helpful if you use a set-top box and Chromecast together.

Turning off the screen can be a huge advantage because you can save a lot of electricity in this way. The screen uses up a lot of electricity, and it is only practical to turn it off when you do not need it. For instance, there is no reason to keep the screen turned on when you are listening to music.

· Easy Accessibility:

Mi TVs allow you to access different apps without closing the screen altogether. This feature works when you are on any screen.

Mi TVs that You Should Consider Buying

There is no dearth of LED TVs from Mi that will grab your attention on the first go. Here are some of them.

· Mi TV 6 OLED 65:

This 65 inch LED TV is armed with a quad-core processor and a robust 3 GB RAM that coordinate and ensure that you can access all the data on your device without it slowing down. Additionally, a 32 GB internal storage in the TV lets you store a lot of important files without the need to insert a flash drive into the USB port.

· Mi 77 Inch OLED Ultra HD TV (Master):

This Android-based TV provides you with a user-friendly interface so that you have no problem navigating around different features. With a 64 GB storage space, you can have all your favorite content stored in the device itself and access them anytime.

· Mi 55 Inch Ultra HD TV (6):

The HDR+ support in this TV marks it as an up-to-date device regarding its capturing the frame-to-frame signaling data to create a tone map.

How to Find the Right Mi TV?


First and foremost, know about the size of the TV you want. If you want a small-size smart TV for your bedroom, you can opt for a 32-inch smart TV. However, if you want a large-size TV for your entertainment room, opt for a 65-inch Mi smart TV.


Budget plays a crucial role in your decision. However, if you can spend around Rs. 1 lakh, you might as well invest in a premium 65-inch or 77-inch TV.


If you want high-end features, you have to invest in a high-end Mi TV. Go through the specifications list and prioritize the features you need. This will help you make the right decision.

Mi TVs have a lot of unique features that you might not have known you required. Additionally, you can use the Mi Remote app available on the Google Play Store to control the TV effectively.

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