Farm to Table Restaurants in Grand Cayman

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A farm-to-table restaurant supports local farmers and artisanal producers. Local ingredients are used in the food and drinks at Cayman Cabana. See all restaurants in Grand Cayman that you might be interested in this article.

Cayman Cabana

The Cayman Cabana farm-to-table dining experience focuses on the island’s local farmers, artisan producers, and fishers. The chefs use only locally grown and sourced ingredients to craft each meal. The menu is a wide variety of dishes. The fresh, locally sourced ingredients are the stars of each plate. The restaurant is dedicated to preserving the island’s rich culinary heritage.

With ocean views, the outdoor dining area at Cayman Cabana features a thatch-covered bar. Dining is also available on the lower deck. The restaurant holds weekly theme nights, including 4-course Farm-to-Table dinners, Tacos & Tequila specials, and Locavore brunches.

Stingray City

Stingray City is a quaint fishing town in Grand Cayman, a perfect destination for an eco-tour. The restaurant’s farm-to-table concept offers guests the opportunity to feed and interact with stingrays. Upon arrival, stingrays spit water and are brought up to the surface for inspection.

You can experience the stingrays in the Stingray City turtle touch tank. The stingrays are more significant than the turtles but not near full size. Feeding turtles at the farm to learning about their care can be an unforgettable experience.


If you’re on a culinary adventure in the Caribbean, the Upstairs at Kaibo is an excellent option. From 2012 to 2019, it’s been voted the island’s best restaurant. The menu changes seasonally. At the Kaibo farm-to-table restaurant, attentive service combines with a laid-back Caribbean tradition. The staff respects the grandeur of the historic plantation-style building.

The Brasserie is a pioneer in the farm-to-table movement in the Cayman Islands, setting the standard for fresh and local menus. The Brasserie grows organic eggs on-site, produces wild, raw honey from 50 hives, and uses coconuts from its two fishing boats to catch fresh seafood every day. In addition, the Brasserie features a spacious dining room and an intimate cellar to showcase its seasonal menu of contemporary Caribbean cuisine.


You’ll enjoy eclectic fare inspired by regional cuisines at this seven-mile-long eatery. This clean-cut approach to classic Caribbean dishes is inspired by the island’s seafood, farms, and produce. You’ll find something at Tillie’s.

While this concept may be new to the island, many local chefs and restaurants are already incorporating this approach into their cooking. For example, chef Jake Brodsky, who works with local farmers, plans to host a vegan brunch this weekend. And while it’s not as trendy as it sounds, it’s a great way to support local farmers. In addition, this restaurant is located in Palm Heights, Cayman’s first all-suite boutique hotel.


Located on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, the Coccoloba Bar & Grill channels the island’s vibe and coastal Mexican food. Dishes range from Latin street food to Caribbean seafood, and the open-air, ocean-facing restaurant serves lunch and dinner from sunup to sundown. Chef Massimo De Francesca crafts a menu inspired by the land and sea.

For a local touch, try the island’s farmer’s market. Open every day except Sundays, the Farmers Market offers an abundance of fruits and vegetables grown on local farms.. In addition, the market often features live music, local artists, and local craft vendors. After dinner, enjoy a tasty meal at Coccoloba Farm To Table Restaurant in Grand Cayman!

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