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Owning farm equipment is an important investment for farmers. For farms to produce and remain profitable good equipment is a necessity and keeping that equipment in good shape is essential. The best way to keep equipment in good shape is by constant maintenance but this can be costly if you buy the wrong replacement parts or purchase parts from the wrong dealers. Getting value for money when you purchase aftermarket parts for your CIH Picking Unit System Parts equipment is very important.

Suitable replacement parts will keep your machine running and working in good condition and finding the right parts and dealer to provide them is an essential step in your maintenance plan.

Aftermarket parts are different from used parts and are more reliable with a longer life span than used parts. With high safety standard parts at affordable prices, aftermarket CIH picking unit system parts can do the job of dealer parts.

If your cotton harvester has broken down and you don’t want to fix it with a used part, the best option to get it up and running in good time is to source a replacement part. Finding the right replacement part and provider will save you money, and time and extend the life span of your machine. Most often the moving parts of a Case IH cotton picker wear out and need replacing because of the amount of force exerted on them and fabricated replacement components can be used to replace the old ones.

Case IH Cotton Picker Unit Cabinet

The picking unit in the Case IH cotton picker machine is a critical component, and any type of failure will affect the machine’s ability to correctly and swiftly harvest cotton. This failure may cost you money and time. Ordering a replacement part that is already in stock will reduce waiting time and reduce the costs involved with your time off from harvesting. If you’re unsure of where to find the right part for your cotton picker, try calling a professional company to help you locate and source the part efficiently.

The Case IH cotton picking unit system parts include:

  • Scrapping plates
  • Stalk lifters
  • Plant guides
  • Rotor service doors
  • Stalk lifter shoes

You don’t have to go for substandard quality parts that can damage your machine or reduce productivity while costing you a lot.

Should You Use Aftermarket or Used Parts?

Used parts or components are parts that were being used on previous equipment. These may have been replaced with new ones because of reduced performance or because of a fault. While they may be a little pricier than dealer or aftermarket parts, they are not the safest operational parts to add to your machine. Used parts may not guarantee safety and performance hence they should only be used in emergencies where you can’t wait for the shipping order to arrive before you finish the work.

Aftermarket parts on the other hand are exact replicas of what part dealers are offering on the market. These fabricated parts meet OEM standards and are more durable and reliable than used parts. They guarantee performance and safety making them a better option to use as a replacement.Case IH aftermarket parts are a good option, and getting them from a reliable source will save you a lot of money and time while providing guaranteed results. That’s because companies that produce these parts are obligated to meet safety standards.

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