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7 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips to Increase Your ROAS

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

1. Take advantage of recent buying patterns

The most effective method to target an audience to maximize its conversion rate is to separate this audience according to click here to their purchasing behavior.

While you’re creating an audience on the Facebook ads manager, please navigate to the category of behavior and narrow your audience by the last time they purchased. Find users who recently purchased something like the one you’re advertising.

For example, if you hire or sell furniture for occasions (like weddings), it is possible to target customers who recently bought an engagement ring.

If you’re selling makeup, you should target those who purchase makeup regularly and then try to increase your reach. And so on.

If you do this favor by placing the best products on them, it’s a win-win.

2. Find your unicorn content

Generally, on most blogs and websites, between 2 and 5 articles are driving the majority of traffic.

If you’ve got an established blog, use the top-performing blogs as inspiration for your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Let’s suppose one of these blogs contains an article that is a pillar piece, such as “The Ultimate Guide to Producing Music At home.” You could take this information and transform it into engaging effective advertisements.

You can reuse your content to:

  • Infographics
  • A video sales letter
  • video course for free
  • An ebook
  • A variety of angles to display your advertisement

If you have a large audience, You will need an array of ad concepts to test. Repurposing the content you have already created will allow you to fill the gap quickly, without much thought.

The possibilities are nearly limitless. Check your content repurposed in various formats until you discover something compelling.

3. Combine two distinct audiences

If you are concerned that your target audience is too large and you’re unsure what to do about it, you can try mixing them.

You’re targeting fitness-oriented women in your area. You feel it’s too general. You could combine them with women from your own country who would, for example, enjoy Grey’s Anatomy.

In the real world, you’d prefer to create a logical link. However, in this instance, you could include a Grey’s Anatomy reference in your advert and make it clear that this advertisement is targeted exclusively to women who love Grey’s Anatomy.

This can add a layer of personalization and engagement, which will make it difficult for your viewers not to notice your advertisement. Keep in mind that today’s consumers are becoming increasingly blind to ads, and it’s crucial to get their attention immediately by focusing on a topic they’re keen on.

4. Retarget users with the Facebook Pixel

With Facebook pixels, you can build custom audiences from people who have been to your site.

Facebook Pixel is a powerful tool to retarget your campaigns. Your ads are displayed to those engaged in your company’s brand. For more information:

But, retargeting each person who has visited your site is a bit wide and a bit of a stretch. You’ll have to reduce it a less.

The first step is to retarget customers who have visited your landing pages but did not make the purchase. This is to reach out to people who have shown an interest in your product and are at the stage of consideration in your sales funnel.

To do this, you’ll set up the pixel for your site. After that, you need to visit your Events Manager page to create a particular audience based on those who visited a specific page.

Another reason to use businesses with excellent blogs is to retarget those who read your posts or read between 2 and three articles.

The idea for this is to get your message in the minds of those who are interested in your company’s brand by offering more excellent value to them by providing products that are low-cost or free resources (ebook or course, discount coupon).

To do this, you need to create a particular audience based on the number of people who have visited a website that has a “blog” repeatedly and who commented on or shared an article.

For more details on how you can set it up and operational, read our 2021 guide for Facebook’s Facebook pixel.

5. Be creative by focusing your life events on

When you create an audience for Facebook ads, you will view the Life Events parameter under demographics.

Save an audience on Facebook ads.

This option lets you focus on people going through the same event in real-time, for example, an interview or a new relationship, an upgrade in your car, and the list goes on.

This strategy is a good choice when you’re selling seasonal or expensive items that consumers typically purchase only once every year — like strollers for babies. You can then target buyers who are actively searching for that item, for example, expecting parents.

Below is an illustration of ways you can implement this idea. This ad targeting those whose birthdays are approaching could be a good idea.

LoveBookOnline anniversary gifts ideas

6. Make a difference by focusing on a worthy cause

Ads on Facebook can sell more products or grow a business. Advertising targeting can also be beneficial for nonprofit organizations.

In your search for the interests and habits of your target audience, there’s a “charitable donation” section that allows you to target individuals who have made donations or would like to contribute to a specific cause.

This kind of targeting helps increase the brand’s visibility and attract more supporters from around the globe.

Imagine you manage a nonprofit group trying to stop the extinction of pandas. For the best results, direct your advertisements to those interested in conservation and wildlife causes.

If your company has partnered with a charity that you have committed to donating a portion of your earnings to the cause, you could make special offers that will encourage supporters to join you.

7. Try targeting ads for various gadgets

If you are selling apps or other products related to smartphones, you can make sure that you are targeting users of specific phones, including operating systems and brands.

specific targeting, based on demographics and behaviors

Your application can only be used on devices running Android 10 and beyond. You’ll need to choose those using Facebook on Android on devices running this version of the OS.

This Facebook advertising option is not limited to companies selling technologies, e.g., computers or mobile apps. If you are selling something as basic as iPhone accessories and cases, you can use this possibility.

The idea of directing your ads toward mobile users means that they’re likely to be watching your ads on their smartphones, So don’t overlook to make sure your ads are optimized so that it is mobile friendly! Our guide on mobile advertising will assist you in this.

Hyper-targeting Facebook ads for the win

Facebook ads are an excellent method to increase your ROAS immediately.

But you must understand how to reach out to people with the most incredible precision to boost your conversion rates and decrease your CPC.

The suggestions and strategies mentioned are only the beginning of the Iceberg. It is essential to think outside the box, do your research, and keep trying until you are a Facebook advertising specialist.

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