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As a project manager, you need to ensure that you deliver your projects on time. Have you ever come across situations, where you have planned everything for your project, allocated the right resources at the right time, and monitored the execution, but missed the deadline? Maybe you missed the deadline because a few key critical resources were unavailable, leading to a delay in the submission. Even though you managed to deliver the project, a few days have passed since the scheduled date of completion. The reason might seem unimportant, but the impact on project costs is huge. And to conclude, the major miss in this situation was time tracking.

Generally, large businesses and corporations implement smart timesheet software like eRS, which keeps you aware of the real-time progress of work. When you have all of the daily updates, you can make critical decisions ahead of time, avoiding project cost overruns and allowing for effective scheduling.

Let’s deep dive and understand more about timesheet management with resource planning software like eRS and the associated benefits.

Timesheet management: 

As a project manager, it’s your responsibility to not only monitor time but also keep your activities aligned with the defined goals. Hence, it is very necessary to implement our timesheet management software, which helps you monitor and analyze the real-time progress of different jobs that affect the quality of delivery in your organization. Timesheet management enables the project manager to see the actual time spent on a task and helps to evaluate the real-time productivity of resources.

Boost your productivity with time-tracking software:

Time tracking software allows project managers to be updated with the real-time activity log of the resources. You can conduct two types of tracking, which include personal time tracking and project time. However, in a business scenario, project managers are concerned about project time tracking, which helps them to analyze individual resources’ performance against the work assigned to them and also provides insight for resources on how they can improve their output. As a project manager, when you are aware of key milestones where you lead or lag, you can proactively plan the action items.

Benefits of time tracking:

Time tracking through timesheet management software provides the following benefits for your organization:

  • Keep a check on the real-time budget.
  • Transparency among work processes
  • Bringing in more accountability among resources for their roles and responsibilities
  • Real-time insights on resource availability lead to smart hiring.
  • Understand and improve operational efficiency.

Let’s now look at eResourceScheduler a smart time tracking and timesheet management software, and how it boosts productivity for your organization.

eResource Scheduler: Smart Timesheet Management Software

eResource Scheduler is the leading resource management software that helps in the end-to-end resource management process, including resource allocation, scheduling, time management, etc.

The company’s intention is to improve performance by managing a matrix of resources in all aspects. In addition, the combination of time and resources brings us closer to our goals, which is why we need time tracking. With time-tracking software like eResource Scheduler, you can call up the actual values. Additionally, the software provides timesheets that can be used to collect information. Features included in the eResource Scheduler timesheet software include:

1. Real-time visibility of actual time spent:

You can use timesheets to track how much time resources spend on projects, how much time they spend on non-project work, and how much time they spend on labeled and non-billable work. A timesheet provides a 360-degree view of completed versus pending work, as well as resource details such as who is supposed to perform the work and when.

2. Find out the gap between planned and delivered work:

The timesheet software enables you to do a comparative analysis and then identify the gap between planned and delivered activities, thereby keeping financials on track.

3. Intuitive dashboards for easier decision-making

The resource management software allows project managers to have a real-time overview of project status. The intuitive timesheet further enables project managers to make decisions on whether or not to accept new projects. It also provides quicker insights into which resources are available and their relevance to the project based on their timesheet entries.

4. Automated workflow of timesheet approvals

Using smart timesheet software, you can define approval methods as either automatic or manual for resources. This feature gives provides insights into occupancy and availability of resources across locations. 

5. Utilize a variety of timesheet filling options:

eResource Scheduler allows users to manually fill in the data, import details using CSV, prefill it using scheduling data, and pull in data using the Open REST API.

6. Color codes for easy interpretation:

Our timesheet software gives an overview of the draft, submitted, approved, and rejected entries by using different color codes.

7. Personalized configuration for timesheet settings:

It can be configured at the global, project, or resource level, making it highly configurable and productive across environments.

When it comes to eResource Scheduler resource management software features, most of them will meet your needs. But what makes it stand out above the rest is that eRS offers a full-featured free trial with personalized support. Therefore, users can use it to decide if they should rely on the eResource Scheduler software. Once you track all your activities, you’ll be able to maximize efficiency with good teamwork.


If you don’t keep track of time, you don’t have much on hand. When it comes to enterprise productivity, resource scheduling software such as eResource Scheduler should be used to optimize goals. Timesheet management activities provide an up-to-date view of the work being performed by your resources. See how your company can be more productive with eRS time-tracking software.


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