Equipment of dog backpacks

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Wide backpacks for long journeys

For the comfortable transport of your dog, you also need to pay attention to the construction of the dog backpack. In addition to the weight, height is crucial. rat terrier adoption a very small dog fits easily into any dog backpack, but in a very narrow backpack, it may still not be able to lie down. Therefore, for longer transport, we recommend a wide dog backpack, which also serves as a dog bed. These models are often also equipped with additional carrying tabs.

There are slightly more variations in carrier bags for the dog. Although each backpack for dogs is fastened with a harness, the number and distribution of bags vary from product to product. Two large pockets are common, which distribute the weight on the sides. In addition, some backpacks still have pockets or carrying handles on top of the back.

The choice of material: cotton is comfortable but not waterproof

Whether you need a backpack to carry the dog or buy a luggage backpack for your dog, the materials used have similar advantages and disadvantages. Most often, the bags are made of polyester, nylon, and cotton. Less often you will also find designer bags made of denim fabric or leather.

Nylon fabrics are designed to be breathable. This feature is beneficial for both types of dog backpacks. Cotton and polyester are mostly used mixed. A big advantage is the much more comfortable wearing comfort than with polyester or nylon. Unfortunately, however, the fabric is not waterproof. Especially if you want to transport other small animals or cats with the dog backpack, this plays a role.

Comparisons of dog backpacks

Criteria for good buying advice

When looking for the best dog backpack, you should use current tests and comparisons of dog backpacks to get an overview. In order to know whether the test of a dog carrier or a luggage bag is really meaningful for the dog, you must check this against important test criteria.

The following list contains the most important purchase criteria according to which you can check for yourself whether a tested product is suitable for you and your dog:




Load capacity (Dog carriers only)

Waterproof (Yes/No)

Additional equipment

Transport dog backpacks are often only for small dogs

Backpacks with an additional abdominal belt are rated mostly well in dog carrier tests. These relieve the back by an upright posture when carrying. It is also practical if a dog backpack can be loaded both from the front and from the side. For added safety, products with built-in short lines are recommended. These give the dog enough freedom of movement, but at the same time prevent it from climbing out of the backpack.

Various dog backpack tests 2022, however, criticize that the available size is often not fully exploited. In many cases, a dog backpack only offers space for small dogs, such as dachshunds. decker rat terrier backpacks up to 15 kg are also extremely rare. While there is a wide choice for a weight up to 8 kg. Dog backpacks for medium-sized dogs are therefore rather the exception.
Tip: If your dog is afraid of being transported in a dog backpack, you should slowly get him used to the backpack with treats.

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