5 Easy Steps to Get Instant Personal Loan

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An instant personal loan is extremely popular now as you can use it for a plethora of different things including purchasing products and services. Personal loans can be taken to buy any products from clothes and accessories to laptops and smartphones. 

Personal loans are extremely easy to avail. One of the major characteristics of personal loans is that there is no collateral required. That is, it is an unsecured loan. Being an unsecured loan, it is easier to avail of them even if you have no security or collateral in hand.

There are different types of personal loans including wedding loans, travel loans, medical loans, educational loans, etc.

Generally, a personal loan is used to purchase a product like home appliances, furniture, electronic gadgets, etc. The reasons why instant personal loans are so popular are:

Instant Availment

As the name suggests, an instant personal loan gets you the needed funds immediately. This is thus one of the best options if you are looking for immediate financial aid or funds.

Boosts Credit Score

A personal loan can help boost your credit score by making repayments on or before the deadlines. ZestMoney helps you take a personal loan and build your credit score with only a few steps.


Personal loans offer the convenience of repaying in the form of instalments. Pay later apps such as ZestMoney helps you budget according to the monthly payments. 

ZestMoney helps you get your personal loan in just a few easy steps:


The first step is to sign-up with ZestMoney either through their website portal or by downloading the app. After filling in the details of your profile, complete the phone verification process. 

Activate Credit Limit

The credit limit is activated once you have finished submitting your eKYC documents and setting up repayment formalities.

Shop with ZestMoney partners

You can shop from the many partners of ZestMoney. By shopping with the many retailers and repaying on time, you build your credit limit. 

Become Eligible

By building your credit limit and by purchasing and repaying the same, you become eligible for a personal loan.

Avail Personal Loan

Congrats! Now you are eligible to get a personal loan through ZestMoney.

You can use this personal loan to buy your favourite products from your favourite retailers. Why ZestMoney is one of the best platforms to avail an instant personal loan:


ZestMoney, since it is a pay later app, offers repayment periods from 9 months upto 24 months. One can choose their term according to their convenience.

EMI Plans

ZestMoney also offers a wide range of EMI plans to choose from pertaining to your individual needs.

Extra Documents

No additional documents are needed to be submitted on ZestMoney to avail of a personal loan. The only documents you have to provide to avail of a personal loan through ZestMoney are your KYC Documents.

Avail an instant personal loan with ZestMoney and enjoy the many benefits.

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