Difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server

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A real comparison between shared hosting and dedicated servers must cover more details than the prices. While you can be tempted to go with the cheapest alternative, this is not always the best solution. Instead, you should understand your business needs and invest money in high-quality services. Here are the most important differences between both options!

Server management

A shared server is built for new business owners and doesn’t offer advanced levels of control. You have limited administrative access and can’t customize the software. Most operations are made through cPanel or a similar service and the provider is responsible for the maintenance. This is not necessarily wrong, but a dedicated server is a better choice for those who have technical knowledge. You are able to configure the server based on your preferences and install an operating system. Whether you prefer Windows or Linux, this is a huge benefit to increase productivity in the company.


Generally, all hosting plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That means you don’t have to worry about your website going down. On the other hand, the performance will not be the same. With shared hosting, the computer’s resources are divided between multiple websites. This is a weak setup when you deal with large amounts of visitors and will lead to slowdowns or technical errors. A dedicated server is built for a single entity, meaning it’s yours only and the speed will be much faster. The CPU and RAM memory is bigger, so an unexpected growth won’t cause delays.


When you put a lot of work into your project, it’s normal to expect strong security from the hosting provider. Although shared hosting can include a set of services installed for the same purpose, you still have neighbors. When other websites get infected with malwares or are marked as spam, this can affect the whole server. A dedicated hosting plan prevents this event, so you’re the only one responsible for what’s happening. Make sure you get an active firewall and configure the system properly to get the best results.

How to find the best hosting plan for your website

If you just started out and have a small budget for the website, then a shared hosting plan is enough for now. When you’re running a popular online business and afford the best services, dedicated servers will provide more advantages. If you still need help, make sure you also check out our dedicated server vs shared server comparison. 

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