Core values of the Agile Manifesto

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An Agile Manifesto is nothing more than a brief statement of intent that encapsulates an agile approach to creating digital products. The Agile ideals are designed to ensure that development processes are focused on creating high quality products for users while addressing business needs and objectives. The Agile approach is a fairly flexible way of managing the work of a team and coordinating a project in collaboration with the client. Implementing this methodology allows the needs of both the team responsible for the project and the client to be met in the most optimal and efficient way possible. But what are agile manifesto principles and why were they created?

4 ideas of the Agile Manifesto

The first and most important principle of the manifesto is 100% customer satisfaction. This can be achieved by early and continuous implementation of a valuable product. Agile software development is a partnership with the customer or end user of a digital product.  Implementing Agile on a strategic level enables start-ups and restructured companies to revise their business model efficiently. 

Secondly, it is important to remember to be constantly ready for change. In some industries, this process can take a few months, and in some it can be up to several years. Managing in accordance with the Agile Manifesto allows you to consciously build a strategy for the entire organization and to create an effective business model, and on the other hand to expect possible changes in operations due to rapidly changing trends.

Another important principle is the close cooperation of the entire development team. The development and business teams must realize close cooperation throughout the project. Additionally, projects must be run around appropriately empowered teams. It is necessary to provide the team with the right working environment, conditions and support, as well as trust in their competence.

Another thing without which it is hard to imagine an agile manifesto is a high frequency of meetings. They are the recommended form of information flow among team members and between teams.

The most effective and efficient way to transfer information is face to face. The working environment (remote or in the office) that we create for our teams and share with our stakeholders and partners is crucial.

People who are in control of how they achieve their development goals are more committed to achieving those goals. As a concluding sentence, it is worth adding that constant attention to technical excellence and good design increases agility and thus contributes to the success of the digital product we intend to implement.

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