How to Gain More Likes on Instagram (Without purchasing them)

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How to Gain More Likes on Instagram (Without purchasing them)

Ninety percent of Instagram users click here have at least one account for business as well as 83% of users find out about new products via the Instagram feed.

Affiliating a huge following on Instagram will help you in every step of the marketing funnel, from boosting the brand’s image to increasing conversions.

In this article, we’ll guide you through how you can utilize Instagram to reach more people’s attention and encourage people to join your community.

Four principles to help you increase your Instagram following

The same principles you rely on to boost traffic, conversions, and sales on your site are the same ones you should apply to those Instagram profiles.

This article assumes that you are:

Know your audience well and conduct studies to find out what posts resonate with them.

Create a solid brand messaging strategy to create relevant, user-centric content on social media.

You should have clearly defined goals linked to specific metrics (e.g., how many followers you would like to achieve in a single month or quarter)

Make sure you post consistently (or have developed a plan for) with a comprehensive content calendar

This is a guaranteed way to hinder your Instagram development over time. Aiming to spend between $10 and $25 on acquiring 1,000 followers sounds great, but the rewards stop with the perceived value. Here’s why:

Your Instagram account may be banned: Instagram looks down on bots, fake accounts, and any account that depends on them. You should expect that Instagram will ban all your counterfeit followers and bots over time. If the proportion of real, as opposed to false followers, is uneven, they’ll probably penalize or block your account.

Your Instagram performance metrics will suffer Bots, and fake followers do not like, comment on or read your posts following your initial purchase. That means your engagement levels will plummet significantly. When engagement falls, the organic reach will be lost for all your posts.

It’s a bad idea to lose credibility. It is simple to determine whether a particular account is selling followers. A tool such as HypeAuditor will let you know the proportion of genuine followers versus fake ones. You can also find out the percentage yourself by looking out for obvious indicators, such as low engagement on posts for the size of your account or segmenting followers who have incomplete profiles or who only interact with posts in short intervals.

You may be subject to identity theft. Many of the companies selling Instagram followers or engagement are fly-by-night businesses. They open a shop, make lots of money, and then go out of business before being discovered. These companies can access your Instagram account and the details of your credit card. The best scenario is that you pay for followers, and nothing occurs. The worst-case scenario is that they take your identity.

1. Make your brand more human

It’s tempting to cover up your logo and post a slick collection of corporate images. The brands that have had the greatest success are those that do the opposite. They can create credibility and establish a connection by sharing their stories regularly.

Consider UK fintech company Tide. They regularly publish stories that show you inside their London headquarters:

Instagram story examples from Tide

Every story provides glimpses of their fun-loving, inclusive lifestyle:

Example of an Instagram story from Tide

These stories showcase employees of Tide engaging in everyday and relatable tasks like feeding treats to dogs and costume-changing for Halloween. The company also takes a stand on important social issues, including mental health awareness.

Example of an Instagram story from Tide

The images speak a thousand words. The culture they foster is entrepreneurial and community-driven–traits reflected in their startup and small business target audience.

They also value their work with the “work hard and play hard” idea that is which is shared by a lot of entrepreneurs working to bring new ideas to the market and expand. However, they are also aware of focusing on mental health to avoid burnout and other negative effects. Five-quarters of their employees have reported having.

It’s not necessary to look up for long to realize that their general message is heavily geared towards side-hustles and small-scale business owners:

Example of a post on Instagram from Tide

Showcasing their employees’ engagement in activities outside of work opens the way to build deeper relationships with their intended audience and demographic. We’re wired to be connected, and recognizing the importance of these bonds of friendship is a sure method to increase satisfaction and retention.

Here are some lessons you can take from the most successful Instagram accounts, such as Tide:

Be sure to stay “social” and promptly respond to direct messages and comments from your followers. You’ll be able to build relationships quicker and better understand which posts are popular.

Take a look behind the scenes. Like Tide, Showing the real-life side of your staff will make the brand seem more human, which is an essential part of attracting your viewers and revealing your uniqueness and what makes you distinct.

2. Make sure your brand’s message is consistent

Whatever you decide to publish, or the time it’s posted, it should be easy to recognize and constant. Whatever makes the brand distinctive and distinguish and distinguish yourself, make sure to use it on Instagram.

  • A consistent strategy for brand messaging:
  • Concentrate on what makes you stand out
  • Don’t try to appeal to everyone
  • Directly addresses your target audience (in their voice and with their intention)

As consistent as you can be with your message and your brand, the more the message will resonate with fans (and draw brand new followers). Consistency also encourages habit-building. Partially formed habits take about 25 days to develop, while full-on habits can last 50-60 days.

If, for instance, your blog on the same topic (like the importance of mental health) in the same order, on the same day every week, your followers will start to believe the same thing. The development of a sense of anticipation is a fantastic method to increase interest and participation, as it’s simple for your followers to establish a routine of checking in, particularly in the case of a subject they are interested in.


SaaS company BigCommerce does this very well. Each year before Christmas, they feature distinctive names on the platform that sell ideas for gifts:

The Instagram post example is taken from BigCommerce.

Here are their blogs to celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day:

Example of an Instagram post taken from BigCommerce

The consistency of the positions makes it easier for the audience to anticipate and enjoy gift ideas posts.

You can interact with their platform on popular e-commerce shopping days.

3. Create content for each stage of the funnel for marketing

In addition to constant, high-quality brand messages, you require a vast range of Instagram content to reach each customer’s touchpoint. Make use of the customer’s journey maps to guide your strategy.

One B2B brand that has done well at this is the social media management platform Later. They offer educational content to help social media managers perform their jobs better through this and other memes.

An example of an Instagram post from Later

It’s relatable and prescriptive and doesn’t seem excessively selling. Since it’s general, it is appealing to existing customers seeking to enhance their content creation strategy and top-of-the-funnel customers interested in what Later can assist them in improving their business.

In another instance, they present a platform-specific feature that will appeal to lower-level prospective customers and customers looking to up their game.

Example of a post on Instagram from Later

Posting updates to your products through Instagram expands your opportunities to cross-sell and increase sales for potential customers at the point of purchasing a product and customers who are eager to avail of your latest offers.

4. Make use of influencers to increase reach

The influencer marketing industry has a value of greater than 9.7 billion dollars. Working with the most influential influencers could improve awareness and increase sales.

The one DTC brand that can do influencer marketing effectively is the meng’s grooming brand Beardbrand. At any time, they collaborate with a variety of micro-influencers within the men’s fashion and beauty market:

Example of a post on Instagram taken from Beardbrand

As you can see in the Reel below, the company has partnered with a fashion blogger for men who shows how he replicates the look of a particular beard. This collaboration is appropriate because it aligns with the Beardbrand brand’s products and helps Beardbrand connect with a similar audience previously out of its reach.

To create effective influencer marketing campaigns for Instagram:

Do not obsess about follower numbers. If you don’t have an almost unlimited marketing budget, it’s best to concentrate on niche micro-influencers (i.e., influencers with just a few thousand to one million Instagram followers). It’s tempting to work with an influencer with more than 25 million Instagram followers; however, it’s likely to cost more. The influencer will lose the direct connection and contact with their followers.

Find influencers who resonate with your followers and match your brand’s values: Before you contact them, make sure you do your research. Check out their history of posts following list, follower list engagement rate, and other brands they’ve highlighted on their accounts. If, for instance, your company is a proponent of sustainability, then you should not work with an influencer pro motorized by pick-up and muscle car trucks.

Beware of fraud by influencers The issue of influencer fraud is a growing issue. Some influencers overstate their followers by purchasing followers or putting fake deals on their accounts.

Begin with a small scale: 

When you are working with a new influencer, Start with a smaller project and track their results. Continue to test effects over time to maximize the reach and converts.

We dive deep into these top methods and much more within the CXL’s influencer marketing class.


The 80/20 formula for increasing the reach of your Instagram accounts is the need to share quality regularly, be relatable, demonstrate social proof quickly and frequently and work with influencers within your industry.


Start monitoring your Instagram performance regularly. You’ll notice patterns that can be used to tweak your Instagram strategy as time passes.

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