How to choose a suitable ultrasonic bubble sensor?

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For mechanical purposes, there are two types of air bubble detectors offered as ultrasonic sensors: the AX3X family and the AX1X family. The AX3X family is designed to provide a wide range of options. Each model allows you to choose between imperial and threaded inserts for mounting. This sensor is a must-have if you need a TTL vs PNP output, a red or green LED output indicator. Or whether the test function is enabled or disabled.

The AX1X, the newest in the line of ultrasonic bubble air sensors, is designed specifically for our medical OEM customers to increase efficiency and reduce production costs. This design has been updated to include the most requested feature, the test feature, enabled by default. Connectors on the back so we can offer a wide range of cable lengths without changing the base. and input voltage at 3.3VDC

If you’re having trouble deciding between the AX1X and AX3X sensors, use our guide to choosing the suitable ultrasonic sensor. comparing the properties of the two products

Custom Tubes for Air Sensors:

Making sure your sensor is intact is extremely important to us. We design sensors for any pipe material. Be it steel, plastic, or glass, we offer custom detectors for large pipes.

There are many considerations when choosing a suitable ultrasonic sensor. The main difference between our commercially available detectors is the size of tubing you use with them. The standard and custom air detector for pipe sizes from 1/16″ OD and 1/2″ (1.6mm to 12.7mm) for the initial prototype. The standard sensor is perfect, But some adjustments are required. For individual pipes that may have thick walls or rigid pipes, we suggest that you send us your pipe samples. So we can determine which sensor and sensor tube are best for you. View step-by-step instructions for custom tubing for standard sensors to help you decide exactly what you need.

Find the suitable sensor:

Choosing the capacitive air bubble detector you need can be extremely difficult. So knowing the importance of these sensors will guide your decision and determine the best product for you. Either way, the air detector can help the detection of the bubble in the pipe. When you select the correct sensor for a special kind of pipe then it would make the whole process just too easy. The air bubble tube detector is choosing the perfect air detector sensor in the system. The air bubble detector adjusts the pressure of the liquid or gas in the chamber. The performance of the whole system depends upon the control overflow rate of different materials from the pipe.

How do ultrasonic bubble detectors work?

Ultrasonic bubble detectors are devices used to detect the presence of bubbles in a liquid medium. These detectors use ultrasonic waves to identify and locate the bubbles present in a liquid. The detectors typically comprise a piezoelectric crystal that generates an ultrasonic pulse. When the ultrasonic pulse travels through the liquid medium, it encounters the bubbles in the liquid. The bubbles reflect and scatter the ultrasonic pulse, creating a signal that the crystal detects.

The signal generated by the crystal is then analyzed by the device to determine the size and number of bubbles present in the liquid. The detectors are commonly used in various industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial processes that require the precise measurement of liquid bubbles.

The sensitivity of ultrasonic bubble detectors can be adjusted to detect bubbles of varying sizes. This feature allows the detectors to be used in different applications, such as detecting gas bubbles in blood during medical procedures or detecting air bubbles in hydraulic fluid in industrial systems. Overall, ultrasonic bubble detectors offer a non-invasive and accurate method for detecting the presence of bubbles in liquids, making them an essential tool for many industries.


The air bubble detector is used in the long piping objects, as we can’t find the leakage at any point of the pipe. The air detector makes it easy to adjust the flow rate of the chemical in the pipe and also in and out of the chamber. So install the bubble detector sensor at various stages of the piping system. This is essential to control the flow rate of liquid and gasses.

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