How do Chinese citizens apply for a visa in Turkey?

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Turkey is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Turkey attracts a lot of tourists every year for its beautiful coastline, blue sea, and seven diverse, incredibly rich history regions. There are countless attractions to discover, ancient sites to visit, the culture of experience, and marvels of architecture. If you are planning a trip to Turkey, this article is the place for you! GIS provides you with Turkish visa requirements for Chinese citizens and instructions on how to apply for a visit visa to Turkey. Let’s find out.

Check the visa requirements of Turkey for Chinese citizens

Some people can enter Turkey without a visa if they meet certain criteria. If Chinese residents are planning to travel to this beautiful country, they need a visa to enter Turkey.

A Turkish visa for Chinese residents

China is not on the list of countries exempted from Turkish visas, so Turkish visas are required for Chinese citizens. Chinese citizens must apply for an electronic visa permit before entering the Turkish border. E-Visa can be managed online; The whole process can be conducted from the home, office of the applicants. It takes a maximum of 03 business days for your e-visa to reach your email address.

Turkey’s visa type for Chinese citizens is a tourist e-visa. Chinese, who hold Turkish tourist visas, are allowed to stay in Turkey for 30 days with a single entry into their country. The validity of a Turkey visa for Chinese citizens is 180 days from the date of arrival.

How does e-Visa Turkey work?

The Turkish government launched an online visa system in April 2013, replacing the old “sticker visa” system with an electronic visa. Upon receipt of the information and money, Visa travelers will be emailed and will have to download and print it before arriving in Turkey. In some cases, travelers have to show a Turkish e-visa to the authorities at the airport upon their arrival and they have to keep it safe while traveling in Turkey. Using an e-visa eliminates the need for passengers to go to their local embassy or stand in line at the airport to get a visa.

How to apply for a Turkish visa for Chinese citizens

Introducing an online Turkish visa for travelers makes it easier for Chinese citizens to get a Turkish tourist visa by applying online on our website. Chinese applicants can apply for a Turkey visa from China or any place which has an internet connection.

Application process

Step 1: Apply for a Turkish visa to process your e-visa in Turkey Fill out the secure online application form at the link. At this stage, you must provide visa details and personal information.

Step 2: Get confirmation and proceed with online payment. Please double-check to make sure your information is complete and accurate. Then, select the payment option for our Visa Service Charge and fill out the Secure Checkout Form. After paying the full visa fee to Turkey, you will need to provide some more documents to complete your application form.

Step 3: Get your e-visa and instructions for stamping your visa. Please check your email regularly for your confirmation details and your Turkey Visit e-Visa results. The e-visa will be processed and approved online.

Step 4: Upon arrival, affix your visa stamp to your passport. To enter Turkey, please print the Turkish e-visa that we sent you via email. If you come to Turkey with a valid e-visa, a stamp will be inserted inside your passport.

Also, you can apply for a visa at the Turkish Embassy in China.

How do Chinese travelers get their e-visa in Turkey?

Chinese candidates will be notified by email if their e-visa application for Turkey has been approved. Turkey’s e-visas are usually granted quickly. To calculate the peak tourist time, it is recommended that the application be submitted at least three working days before the desired date of arrival. Visitors from China are advised to print a copy of their issued e-visa and present it under passport control before arriving in Turkey. They are always encouraged to keep their e-visa in their hands until they arrive in Turkey. The Chinese should be aware that visas for arrival in Turkey are not accessible to them. They must have an e-visa or other type of travel documentation before arriving.

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