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Are you looking for the best Cat6 ethernet cable on the market? If so, you are in the right space. We understand that the Cat6 Cable 1000ft is the most sought-after cable in LAN and WAN wired networking. The reasons are Cat6 Cables high-speed data transmission rates, ease of installation, variety of options to choose from, and affordability. But as we mentioned, the cable comes in a variety of options, and finding the best one with the perfectly suitable performance features and cost can be a bit of a challenge.

So in this blog, we will enlist the five best 1000ft Cat6 Cables according to their performance, price, and ease of installation.

Cat6 Ethernet Cable: Overview

Before we jump on discussing the best Cat6 ethernet cables, let us give you a brief overview of what the Cat6 cable is. It is the 6th category of twisted-pair ethernet cables. At their core, they feature 23 AWG conductors – 8 in total twisted into 4 pairs. These cables are produced in a variety of options that are distinguished by their type of jacket, conductor, and shielding.

The following are some of the various kinds of Cat6 cables which are all unique due to the aforementioned features.

UTP Cat6 Plenum Solid Pure Copper

UTP stands for unshielded twisted pair. And UTP Cat6 plenum cable comes with a communication multipurpose plenum jacket with pure copper conductors at the core. The cable has a data transfer rate of up to 1 GBit/s over 100 meters with a 350 MHz bandwidth capacity.

Since this is an unshielded cable, its cost is within the average and it is quite easy to install. The solid pure copper conductors of the cable are ideal for long-distance transmission because it is capable of keeping signal integrity intact over long distances.

UTP Cat6 Riser Solid Pure Copper

The unshielded Cat6 Riser Solid Pure Copper Cable comes with the same pure copper solid conductors as the previous cable except for the fact that it has a riser jacket. The riser jacket of the cable is designed for indoor vertical runs. The cable is used in indoor runs such as inside of walls, between floors, and inside elevator shafts.

The riser jacket is the main highlight of this cable. It is easy to install and can withstand high temperatures. Riser-rated Cat6 cable 1000ft can also be used outdoors because of its durability. But it must not be installed in indoor plenum spaces where air flows freely. In such places, installing the riser cable can be a safety hazard because it can emit toxic smoke in case of fire. Although it is highly resistant to heat and flame, it is still wise to be extra cautious when it comes to safety.

STP Cat6 Plenum Solid Pure Copper

This is a shielded twisted pair Cat6 plenum cable. It also comes with solid bare copper conductors which are best used in outdoor runs. This cable comes with either a metal foil or a wire mesh, and in some cases, it comes with both. Shielding in the cable reflects or absorbs the electromagnetic interference from other cables and other conductor pairs within the cable.

If you are looking to buy the Cat6 Cable for crowded networks, this shielded and solid pure copper cable is the ideal choice. Also, if you are going to use the cable in indoor plenum spaces, you can do so because it comes with a CM-plenum jacket.

STP Cat6 Plenum Stranded Pure Copper

This is also a Shielded Cat6 plenum cable but it features stranded pure copper conductors. It means that the conductors are made from multiple strands of pure copper – unlike the solid copper conductors which are made from a single piece of the element.

Stranded Cat6 cable is easier to install and it is ideal for indoor runs. This Cat6 ethernet cable is particularly designed for indoor crowded runs. The shielding will protect it from EMI and the stranded conductors will make it easier to run.

Moreover, the plenum jacket also gives you the liberty to use it just about anywhere.

STP Cat6 Riser Solid Pure Copper

The STP Cat6 Cable is unique because it is the only Cat6 Riser Cable with a solid pure conductor and shielding. Usually, the Cat6 riser cable is not produced with both solid conductors and shielding. Because the solid conductors and the shielding makes it rather too tricky to install the cable in indoor riser-rated runs.

In any case, the cable can also be installed outdoors. Due to its exceptional features, this cable can maintain signal integrity intact over long distances. It is also easier to install outdoors so you might want to buy it for outdoor runs.

Which Cat6 Cable do you need?

Still unsure about which Cat6 Cable 1000ft to buy? Well here’s the answer.
You need the Cat6 that best fits your needs. For instance, if your network is crowded with many cables, check the shielded cables. Similarly, if you need the cable indoors, check stranded conductors, and for outdoors, check the solid ones. Now depending on these features and your requirements, you should get the cable that suits you best.

Rest assured that Cat6 is the best cable in terms of value for money. And because it lasts for a long time, it virtually repays all its value.


In short, Cat6 ethernet Cable is available in a multitude of options to choose from. Best Cat6 cables to buy in 2022 are listed above. We hope this article was of help to you.


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