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Braces Problems You Can Totally Avoid

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We all know how braces have totally changed the idea of having dental treatment in all the age groups all around the world. It is very common and major people as a part of dental surgery can be seen wearing them . Well to begin with , let’s have a formal introduction about the braces. Braces Problems are a part of dental surgery procedures used to treat the malocclusions or misalignment inside the mouth. Pricing of braces usually depends upon the condition of your mouth and the type of treatment you may need and braces prices usually vary from $1200 to $12000. There are basically four major types of braces and they are known as Metal or Traditional braces , Ceramic Braces , Lingual Braces , And invisible braces El Cerrito. Out of all the braces , invisalign has been able to become the most popular because they are less noticeable and slightly more comfortable than all the other braces. Lingual braces are the ones who are positioned behind your teeth and thus require a skilled person to do the job. Although braces have been an effective method to treat misalignment and other such issues , there isn’t a possibility that they won’t affect us in some way or the other and most of it happens inside your mouth only. Centre for observation of oral health and hygiene at dental braces, have listed out a few common problems that start with the onset of braces when positioned inside your mouth . These aren’t the major problems but if ignored can become one , so there are certainly some ways by which you can minimize and avoid all these problems to maintain your optimal health even with the braces inside your mouth.

1. Staining of Teeth: 

Teeth usually get stained because of improper brushing even in people with no braces positioned inside their mouth and with the braces put on , it can increase rapidly since braces are positioned outside of your teeth portion and hence the toothbrush cannot clean each and every area where the braces have a metallic grills. To overcome this issue experts offering adult braces treatment El Cerrito have advised using the toothbrush made out of lighter materials so that the maximum pressure can be maintained which we can put in efforts to deep cleansing our teeth. Also a dentist will advise you to cut on your soda intake , coffee and other dark coloured drinks which can disturb your enamel.

2. Mouth and Teeth being Sore: 

A lot of movement is done in order to bring the teeth back to their original position. Now the shifting process can leave the mouth being sore and full of pain, making it far more difficult to eat as well as sleep. For countering this, you can take counter pain medications and sugar free gums which will help you ease off the pain. Usually it stays for a few days, especially when braces are applied or shifted over a certain period of time. So you don’t need to be on medicines all the time , it’s just for the limited days and once the pain is gone , you can discontinue the use and maintain your oral health naturally.

3. Cuts Inside the Mouth: 

Our mouth is made up of delicate and sensitive tissues and hence any type of metals or wires with a sharp end can cut out the tissues often leading to bleeding inside the mouth. Sharp and bent areas thus should be removed and if you see one inside your mouth in the braces , immediately contact your Orthodontist to get it removed.

4. Speech Difficulties: 

Braces are heavy and bulky , if not that , they usually will take up space which is totally free without them . In such a situation , it is quite difficult to move your mouth and jaws and thus speech Difficulties may arise as a result of this. But you need not to worry about these things as it only stays for a few weeks and once you get used to the braces , speech impairment will be resolved on its own.

5. Breaking of brackets or wires: 

Food that is hard and crunchy, and a lot of other sticky foods can be a major threat to your braces often resulting in disruption of brackets and wires inside the mouth . A broken piece of metal in your mouth can cause serious injuries and hence it is advisable to use a dental wax to avoid further problems. The dental wax will cover the broken part thus making it safe for you to use the braces the same way it is positioned inside your mouth.


Well we hope you will watch out for all the common problems that may persist with the braces and will counter them with the ways we have mentioned to help you keep your teeth safe and healthy.

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