Bookshelf for Kids: Types and Benefits of Bookshelves

Childhood is the ideal phase to make kids fall in love with reading. Encouraging a child to read books from an early age builds their reading skills, develops their cognitive skills, enhances their vocabulary, and polishes their critical thinking. One way to ensure your kid develops or maintains their habit of reading is to have a bookshelf for kids in their room.

Having a bookshelf in the room will automatically make kids gravitate toward it. Developing the habit of reading will also make kids more innovative, creative, and imaginative. Additionally, from an appearance point of view, a bookshelf would give an aesthetic appeal to their room.

What are the Different Types of Bookshelves?

There are different types of bookshelves for kids that come in various colours, sizes, and shapes depending on the kind of room, the number of books, and children’s preferences.

Tiny Bookshelf

A tiny bookshelf is barely three or four feet tall and comprises not more than three shelves. You can stock books and toys on the shelves that children can easily reach, pick, and replace. Tiny bookshelves also ensure a neat and organised room.   

Open Display Bookshelf

An open display bookshelf is one where you expose the book covers. Seeing book covers is an excellent way to grab the attention of children. Books for kids usually have colourful and engaging covers, so having the covers on display gets their attention.

Rotating Bookshelf

A rotating bookshelf has a charm of its own. With a rotating bookshelf, you save a lot of space. Like merry-go-rounds and fidget spinners, rotating bookshelves will have your kids turning the shelves excitedly to discover their book collection.

What are the Benefits of Bookshelves for Kids?

Keeping a bookshelf in your kid’s room is highly beneficial. Instead of installing one in the living room or any other room, having one in your child’s room, where they spend most of their time, keeps books close.  

Extra Storage Space

A bookshelf for kids can optimise the storage space in their room and your house in general. With bookshelves, you can keep both books and children’s toys on the shelves, saving your time, effort, and space to find another area or build another shelf to store their toys and games. A functional bookshelf that can hold everything will allow the children to keep all their stuff neatly in one place without the fear of anything getting lost.  


Children have a wild and unique imagination. You never know what is going on in their minds. One day, they want a specific bookshelf. The next day, they want to add some features to it. You can customise bookshelves in any shape, size, colour, or design you or your child want. Bookshelves for kids are also very efficient as you can keep them anywhere in the room.

Growing Book Collection

Children tend to grow attached to their belongings, including books, but they also like to keep adding new things to their collections. Children can store all their belongings in their room with bookshelves and keep adding new stuff to their growing collection.

Final Thoughts

Buying a bookshelf for kids is essential to help them develop the habit of reading and enhance their cognitive skills. Bookshelves also keep the room organised and offer enough space for children to keep their books and toys.

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